15 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Entertainment Ideas

child with face painting of pumpkin at fall eventCostumes. Mysteries. Family fun. Haunted affairs. No two Halloween events are the same, which is why the list of possible Halloween entertainment ideas is long and varied. That’s why we’ve put together a list of Halloween entertainers sure to make any Halloween party a success (just ask us for the right entertainer or combination of entertainers for your event and budget).

  1. Costumed characters
  2. Hypnotists & Psychics
  3. Magicians
  4. Mind Readers & Fortune Tellers
  5. Face Painters
  6. Human statues (great way to establish a spooky atmosphere!)
  7. Mystery Show entertainers (keep your guests guessing whodunit!)
  8. Gangsters & Roaring 20’s entertainers (for a vintage Halloween feel)
  9. Jazz singerhuman statue entertainers
  10. Bands
  11. Mentalists
  12. Comedians
  13. halloween event entertainer with pumpkin head and orange suitCaricature artist
  14. Celebrity impersonator
  15. DJ

This list is just a starting point, of course. For more creative Halloween party entertainment ideas, contact us to take your event to the next level.

Unique Evening Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

LED entertainer Evening may be the traditional time for a wedding reception, but your wedding reception entertainment can be anything but traditional. If you’re looking for evening wedding reception beyond the traditional band or DJ, or for supplemental entertainers that create atmosphere, you’ll want to check out these unique evening wedding reception entertainment ideas.

LED Entertainers

Leave your wedding guests in awe with LED entertainers that can light up any wedding reception. An entertainment agent can include the LED entertainers into your evening wedding reception entertainment plan that wows and entertains.

Theme Entertainers

Make your wedding theme not seem too “themey” by turning your wedding into an experience. Use a wedding planner or entertainment agent to connect all the elements of your wedding—entertainment, décor, dishes—into a seamless atmosphere.

Dinner and a show

There’s no law against dinner entertainment at a wedding; to the contrary, an evening wedding reception with a dinner and a show can be the unique experience that sets your wedding apart. Contact an entertainment agent that can choose the entertainer that fits your taste and with your other wedding details.

Throwback Entertainers

A vintage or throwback wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to choose unique entertainment that takes your guests back to the era you feel you should have been born in (or at least love to enjoy). An entertainment agent with high-quality entertainers can connect you with the period-appropriate entertainers that take your wedding back.

Children’s Entertainment

If your wedding is an all-family affair, make your youngest guests’ (and their parents’) evening by including children’s entertainers in your evening wedding reception entertainment.  Don’t leave them out of your evening wedding reception entertainment; ask a entertainment agent about a magician, juggler, story teller, face painter, or another children’s entertainer that can make the evening memorable and unique.

Our Favorite Event Entertainment Trends

In our 20 plus years in the event planning industry, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. It’s part of an evolving industry, and it always makes life interesting—for us and our clients! That’s why we’ve outlined some of the latest event planning trends we’ve seen—and embraced—that make our events extraordinary.

aerialist at event hanging from ceiling


Aerialists are taking events to new heights as a functional part of the event. Aerialists make excellent beverage servers, unique centerpieces, and can serve as other creative parts of any event.

glow in the dark performer

Glow in the Dark Entertainers

Glow-in-the-dark is the latest trend because it makes people say “wow.” It does the same at an event, both for children and adults. Best yet, glow-in-the-dark entertainers have different ways to customize their act for maximum effect.

vintage entertainer serving food

Mixing entertainment & food

This is not a new concept, but event planning is taking this to a new level. Mixing food servers and entertainers establishes an atmosphere that draws your guests in and immerses them into an all-encompassing atmosphere.

gangster and flapper entertainers


Retro and vintage events are going nowhere; to the contrary, corporate event and wedding planners all out to create a throwback event that makes attendees feel like they are at event in that era.

Combining digital and the live experience

Smart phones and tablets are invading our everyday lives, so why shouldn’t they play a part in our events? Event planners are going to great lengths to combine digital and live entertainment into a cohesive and seamless experience.

If you want to incorporate any of these event entertainment trends into your event, contact us for entertainers that work for your target audience and take your modern event to the next level.

Make Your Event Fun for the WHOLE Family

When your event is an all family affair, it presents a whole new challenge to your event planning. How can you satisfy parents, kids, and every adult that attends? Whether it’s a grand opening, company picnic, festival, or another family event, we’ve put together some general event planning tips that are sure to please your youngest and “most experienced” event attendees.

Hire entertainers fun for the whole family.

One of the key things your event goers are going to remember is whether they enjoyed—or didn’t enjoy—the event. You don’t want to hear “I’m bored” from anyone. To avoid the boredom, contact a pro that can point you to entertainers that aren’t necessarily targeted at one age group over the other or can provide a group of entertainers for every audience in attendance.

If you’re hosting a country-fair themed event, set up stations that are suited for everyone, such as a dunk tank, face painters (that can do kid and adult designs), jugglers, and other acts perfect for your event. For a country luau, contact an entertainment agent who coordinate dancers that the adults approve of but can customize their act so the kids can join them on stage.

Include dishes in the menu that a picky kid would enjoy.

You don’t want the parents in attendance to have to be fishing in their bags continually for fruit snacks. Instead, plan a menu fitting for everyone in attendance. Talk to your caterer about adding kid-friendly dishes to the menu, such as PBJ’s, chicken tenders, cheese quesadillas, corn dogs. In addition, be open to dietary restrictions for buffet or sit down menus that can accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies (i.e. peanut-free dishes, gluten free, vegan, etc.)

Avoid anything even remotely risqué.

Including anything risqué can back fire, so go to great lengths to plan an event that can offend attendees or leave the parents in an awkward situation around their kids. Make sure that every part of the event is kid-friendly without boring the adults so you don’t have an egg on your face when the event is over.

Choose a family-friendly venue.

It’s your job to think like a parent—even beyond their wildest expectations—and plan for any situation. One of the biggest ways you can do that is by choosing a family-friendly venue (another factor to add to this list when choosing a venue). Locate your entertainers in kid-friendly areas that are safe. Your youngest attendees are going to appreciate your efforts—and so aretheir parents.

Company Picnic Entertainment Ideas for Adults

dance group at adult-only company picnicNot every company picnic is a family affair; when your company picnic is more of a adults-only event, it takes a strategic approach to choose entertainers for your “more experienced” guests. Here are a few ideas that can kickstart your company planning—and put your event on the successful list.

Celebrity impersonators

Nothing impresses your guests more than a celebrity impersonator they can identify (unlike the younger crowd). Contact an entertainment agent that can connect you with an impersonator appropriate for your picnic theme and guest demographic. Nothing completes your anniversary celebration or your retro company picnic than Frank Sinatra (or another appropriate celebrity!).


Give your guests dinner and a concert. Choose the appropriate kind of band that your guests want to see and fits with your theme. A country band is the perfect fit for a country hoe down with barbecue dishes. A jazz band can give your audience the perfect entertainment for your jazz lounge theme. Beach bands work perfect for a lakefront souire, or an orchestra for a more elegant night on the town. Choose an entertainment agent with a full line-up of entertainers so you can get the right band for your company picnic theme.

Themed entertainers

If networking is a goal, contact your entertainment agent for themed entertainers that contribute to the atmosphere but allow your guests to circulate and mingle throughout the event. Themed entertainers and a strategic seating and eating arrangement can combine together to meet your goal and create an enjoyable atmosphere.


If you’re looking for unique entertainment geared more toward adult guests, mentalists, hypnotists, or psychics are the way to go. Use these tips to choose the right venue to set the atmosphere for your guests—then let the décor and their mind do the best.

Ways to Cool Down Your Summer Event

summer drinks that cool down event guests in chicagoA hot and humid summer event is as Chicago as chili hot dogs and deep dish pizza. We’re not going to lie to you: it gets HOT. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to cool down your summer event—while still keeping your event strategic and stylish.

Think AC when choosing an event venue, or make your own.

To keep your guests comfortable and healthy, consider a venue with air conditioning (use these tips to choose the right site for your event) or an indoor and outdoor space where guests can enjoy the outdoors and circulate inside when they need to cool down. If your guest demographic is more prone to heat-related emergencies, take extra effort to find a venue with AC or position your tent to capture cool breezes.

Choose vendors and entertainers that cool & entertain.

When selecting your vendors and entertainers, add vendors or entertainers that cool off your guests. Think snow cones, iced coffee stations, sundae bars, or entertainers that can add cool to their act (i.e. magicians, jugglers, hypnotists, bands, etc.) To find the right people to cool down your guests and heat up the fun, ask an entertainment agent to match you with the entertainers that can customize their act to your summer event.

Keep your guests hydrated (stylishly).

Hydration is essential to keeping your guests cool; make sure you include drinks that are coordinated with your other details. For a beach theme, give your guests drinks that fit with your theme, décor on the drinks that matches with your event, and fruit garnishments that make every detail part of your theme.

Incorporate fans into your décor.

If appropriate, add paper fans to your line-up of favors and décor. Make sure your venue has plenty of fans or ventilation. For an outdoor venue, add stylish fans and misters to your list of event ‘musts.’ To make your fans even more stylish, add entertainers with large fans to your line-up for a big hit with your guests.

6 Factors to Use When Choosing the Perfect Company Picnic Venue

aquarium event venue with tables, chairs, and centerpiecesThe success of your company picnic depends on more than the attractiveness of the invitation. Choosing the right company picnic venue impacts the attendance rate, event experience, and even the takeaway of your guests. Put simply, it’s important to select the perfect company picnic venue when you want positive results. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider as you search for the right venue for your company picnic.

Event purpose

This may be the most common mistake made by amateur event planners, but professionals know that the goal of the event is the top factor in choosing the perfect company picnic list. Identifying the goal and guest demographic is one of the first steps in planning a company picnic, and choosing the right company picnic venue.

Location, location, location

Venue location is everything, especially to your guests. For maximum attendance, choose a company picnic venue that is convenient and in an ideal neighborhood for your guests. In an urban setting, select a location that is easily accessible to public transportation. For a more rural feel, choose a park that is in an ideal neighborhood.

Guest list

Event planning is a very guest-centric effort. Every event planner knows to focus on their guests’ comfort, especially when choosing the event venue. This is a Goldilocks task: the right venue is not too big and not too small. The right venue should be large enough to accommodate your expected attendance, but not so large that it feels like the picnic is not well-attended. With regards to budget, ask each venue about any minimums imposed by the venue to ensure that the final bill does not include charges for guests that did not attend.


Atmosphere is what every event planner strives for, and every company picnic should deliver. The venue plays a large part in establishing atmosphere—another reason why the stakes are high to find the perfect company picnic venue. To find the perfect backdrop, have an idea of a company picnic theme (find picnic theme ideas here) before vetting event venues.


Before you select a company picnic venue, set a budget for the event. If budget numbers are minimal, maximize your budget dollars into picnic areas that make a big impact on your guests: food and entertainment. Request an invoice with a complete list of charges to ensure that there are no surprise costs when the company picnic is over—just the satisfaction of a well-attended and successful company picnic.

Event Needs

For a company picnic with multiple activities (i.e. kids’ crafts, concert space, etc.), look for a venue with multiple spaces and any options you need (i.e. audio visual, wi-fi, catering space, etc.). If you are not familiar with a city, such as our national clients who host a corporate event in Chicago, contact a local event planner that knows the area and can make recommendations for the perfect event venue (and any other company picnic details).


Creative Company Picnic Themes That’ll Trump all Your Past Picnics

uncle sam on unicycle, a unique entertainer for unique company picnic themeWas your last company picnic the definition of ho-hum? Are your employees sick of the same boring company picnic year after year? It’s time to up the ante on your company picnic planning and execution.  Abandon your boring company picnic theme (those themes that have been giving you lackluster results), and choose from one of these unusual company picnic themes that’ll take your picnic from boring to memorable.

Hawaiian Luau

Make your guests feel transported to the islands with an all out beach front Hawaiian luau.  Combine traditional Hawaiian entrees, luau décor, and the right entertainers, and you’ve got a Hawaiian luau thousands of miles away from the islands—but convenient for your guests.

This is one company picnic theme that you can’t skimp on though; many a company picnic has been thrown cheaply.  Instead, choose to go all out with cuisine and entertainment that fits the theme (ask an entertainment agent to connect you with the right entertainers).


Your guests should be singing “talk me out to the ball game…” if you give them a complete baseball fame experience.  Rent out a suite at a local ball game with atmospheric entertainers serving out their favorite treats or host a smaller affair at a local park.  To take your picnic to the next level, have their favorite baseball mascot make an appearance or bring back one of their favorite baseball greats from the past (celebrity impersonators!).

Make sure you don’t forget about your youngest guests; choose a venue that’s got space for the youngest baseball fans.  Provide entertainers that keep them occupied, so the event is enjoyable for the kids and their parents.

Country Fair

child with butterfly face painting from professional face painterTake your guests back in time to a vintage country fair.  Red checkered tablecloths, old time country fair treats, and entertainers can make your country fair company picnic incredibly memorable. Face painters and magicians can entertain your youngest guests, while bands, mimes, and other entertainers can make your more experienced guests enjoy themselves.

Make sure you add all the country fair favorites to the menu to immerse your guests in the theme: corn on the cob, popcorn, cotton candy and all the rest.  Hold the event a fairground or park for the backdrop for your unforgettable vintage country fair.

Theatre Night

During winter, a theatre-themed company picnic includes dinner and a show; during summer, it’s time to take advantage of the weather and move your picnic outdoors.  Invite your guests to a night out at the outdoor theatres; you can rent out an outdoor movie theatre or rent a portable movie screen at the venue of your choice.

Add entertainers to complete the theme.  Ask your entertainment agent to connect you with main stage entertainment that can capture your guests’ attention until the sun goes down. Atmospheric entertainers can offer your guests glow-in-the-dark fun, caricature sketches, yard games, and all the refreshments that come with a night out.

6 Uncommon Entertainers that Make Your Event Extraordinary

Wow factor.  It’s what every event planner strives to achieve, and is so often completely and entirely missed.  If you want a unique, over-the-top event, you have to look for the unique, the uncommon, the unusual, one-of-a-kind entertainers that make your corporate event, party, or wedding guests say “wow” (and mean it).

aerialists at event


If you want to take your event to the next level, ask your entertainment agent about entertainers that entertain on another level—above you.  To add function to fun, aerialists can serve your guests or just serve as a unique show that your guests are going to talk about long after the event is over.

wedding artist painting picture of reception


Artists may not be the highest energy entertainment, but they are still showstoppers.  An elegant wedding painter, comical caricature artist, or face painter attracts attention from your target demographic (ask us for the artist, we’ll match you with the right artist that fits your event) and adds atmosphere to an event.

Celebrity impersonators

Surprises are what make an event memorable.  It’s the unexpected part of an event that leaves an impression on your guests—and it’s up to you to deliver.  Not many people expect James Bond, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, or another celebrity to grace your event or meet them at the door—and it’s an experience not many of your guests are going to forget any time soon.

human statue at event

Human Statues

Human statues are unexpected and unusual.  That’s what makes them a unique addition to the right event—so unique and one-of-a-kind that your guests can’t help but be amused.  When coordinated with other appropriate entertainment (ask your entertainment agent to create a custom line-up), human statues can be the perfect start or end (or both) of a great event.

LED Entertainers

LED Entertainers

It’s all about bling at a night event—and nothing’s more visually illuminating than a LED entertainer (or a group of LED entertainers).  Just like bright stars in a night sky, a LED entertainer can add bling to any event and entertain any guest that feels like they are in the dark.


If you want to see a successful event in your future, add a psychic and tarot card reader to your event line-up.  Either as main stage entertainment or as atmospheric entertainment, a psychic entertainer can be just the right addition to your event line-up.

Obviously, there are more options for uncommon entertainment; contact an entertainment agent with a full line-up of entertainers to find the right uncommon entertainer that can put your event over the top.

5 FUN Wedding Themes (& the Entertainers to Go With Them)

champagne glass with mardi gras themed ideasUsing a wedding theme to guide your wedding planning is either totally your thing or totally NOT your thing; there’s really no in between.  There are some perks to planning your wedding around a central theme, however; it gives you a basis for connecting all the details of your wedding into an awesome atmosphere—from the food to the entertainment. Here are some wedding theme ideas that you can inspire your wedding planning (and the entertainers that can take your event over-the-top).  Of course, your wedding is your personalized take on any theme, so make sure you contact a pro to match your wedding with the right entertainment that makes your theme totally you.


What: A beach theme can be whatever you want it to be: a casual khaki and sundress affair or a formal wedding with elegant beach details.

Theme ideas: Shell-covered letters, sand and flower centerpieces, sand dollar and sea star accents, lanterns, shells in bouquets

Entertainment ideas: Tropical band, Steel drum entertainers, Bands that can play beach tunes (think Jimmy Buffet & Beach Boys)

Mardi Gras

event entertainers Mardi Gras entertainersWhat: If you want a party, this is your wedding theme.  Make your guests feel like they are attending the ultimate Bourbon Street party a little closer to home.

Theme ideas: Masks, feathers, centerpieces with beads and candles, jambalaya, gumbo, king cake

Entertainment ideas: Show girls, jazz bands, parade entertainers

Country Fair

What: Give your guests a day at the fair—with all their favorite foods and entertainment that comes with it.

Theme ideas: Games, popcorn stand, balloons, family-style tables or picnic benches, cotton candy

Entertainment ideas: Yard games, fair entertainers, cover band that’ll give your wedding a BIG ending

Roaring 20’s

gangster and flapper entertainersWhat: Match your vintage theme to a fun era.  Your guests’ll feel like they stepped back in time to a roaring party at your wedding.

Theme ideas: Old automobile, hairpieces, feathers, pearls, beads

Entertainment ideas: Retro jazz bands, flappers, gangsters


What: Get those images of square dances out of your head.  Today country weddings can be as elegant or as country chic as you plan.

Theme ideas: Rustic venue, crates (& aged wood), chalkboard signs, strands of shining lights, flowers

Entertainment ideas: Country band, yard games