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Why should I use a booking agent for event entertainment?

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Contact one of the top booking agents in Chicago for your event.

With the internet and mobile technology, it seems everyone is looking for shortcuts to achieve results—even for locating entertainers for their wedding, fundraisers, galas and company parties. In the world of event planning, they want memorable entertainment that wow guests and they want it quickly and easily. The answer is a booking agent. Why? Why would you want to use a booking agent for your corporate events, weddings, festivals, fundraisers and galas?

  • It’s convenient. With just a short conversation, you can give them information about your event and guests. They use their extensive experience to coordinate entertainers, and all the details, that make your event memorable.
  • They think about you and your guests. An experienced booking agent can match you with entertainment that fits your guests’ demographic. Your booking agent can connect you with the entertainer suitable for the age group of your crowd, creating a wonderful atmosphere with entertainment appropriate to their tastes.
  • Your booking agent can select characters and entertainers that take it over the top. You only have to make one call, and the booking agent can book all the acts you need and handle all the details that come with hiring entertainers. They’ve also seen what works and doesn’t work, and good booking agents only hire the best entertainers for your wedding, company holiday party, fundraiser, etc.

The best part: hiring a booking agent won’t take long. They won’t take up any more of your time than needed, while still getting the vital information they need to find the entertainer(s) that fit your event and crowd. Remember, these are professional booking agents with years of experience. They won’t waste your time, just use every second of the conversation to match you with quality entertainment. Speaking of wasting time, don’t waste your time trying to take on the entertainment for your event yourself. Contact a booking agent today, one of the top agents in the Chicago area with years of experience.

5 Live Entertainment Acts for Your Business Conference

1535511_417217608381352_655646195_n‘Tis the season for conference planning in Chicagoland. If you are trying to top last year’s conference or revamp your educational event, the success of your business conference hinges upon two key factors: the educational value of your conference and your guests’ enjoyment. While we can’t help with the first goal, years of experience means we can assist with locating the right entertainers that can make your business conference a success:

  • Magician. A magician relaxes your crowd and entertains them after a long day of educational sessions. Consider a magician for an after dinner entertainment act, or as part of your “How you can work your magic” conference theme.
  • Dueling pianos. This is a hot act right now, and for good reason. Dueling pianos are a great entertainment that can fill gaps in your schedule or entertain your guests during or after dinner.
  • Show girls. Want to bring Vegas to your Chicago business conference? Do you want to play up a theatrical or gambling theme? Hire show girls to greet your guests, entertain them before dinner and direct them to the next session.
  • Game show. Want to draw your audience into your entertainment? Host our game show act to quiz and interact with your guests for the evening.
  • Band or music act. You don’t want to turn your business conference into a dance club, but a band or small music act is incredibly appropriate for dinner music, or to set the atmosphere as your guests mingle.

Don’t feel you have to locate entertainers for your business conference or that you need to choose one act. Contact talent agents with years of experience in Chicago entertainment that can connect you to the entertainers you need to make your conference a success. You’ll need to answer a few questions about the demographics of your guests and scheduling; the talent agent uses the information to connect you with entertainers right for your event.