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Company Picnic Acts Perfect for Your “Main Stage”


Summer weather in Chicago can be a draw for a company picnic by itself. If you’re looking for more than warm sunshine and good summer vibes to increase numbers at your next picnic, consider using one of these company picnic acts.


A band is always a big hit at a company picnic, but that doesn’t mean that choosing a band is a one-size-fits-all proposition. Contact an entertainment agent to select the right band that’ll draw a crowd, especially if you’re planning a themed company picnic. A band that plays classics from the era your company was formed can reinforce a vintage company picnic. A jazz band is the perfect addition to a Chicago jazz lounge. The right band and atmosphere can be the perfect combination for a memorable company picnic.


A bad comedian is going to leave your guests wanting for better. A hilarious comedian is going to be the topic of conversation around the office water cooler for quite some time. To choose and hire the latter, contact an entertainment agent who can select a quality act that can adapt their act to your company picnic.


Mesmerize your audience with a hypnotist that grabs your guests’ attention—and keeps it long after the picnic is over. Hiring a hypnotist is not a one-size-fits-all proposition; each hypnotist has their own flare, and the high-quality performers can modify their act to fit your audience.

Steel Drums

For a unique dinner music and fun stage entertainment, consider a steel drum act that makes your company picnic feel tropical (along with tropical drinks, décor, and venue). A steel drum band can be the finishing touch to a beach- or tropical-themed company picnic, making your guests feel like they are at an island getaway.


For a more formal affair, talk to an entertainment agent about hiring an orchestra that makes your company picnic feel like they are part of an elegant event. An entertainment agent can select the right orchestra with the right number of musicians and instruments to fit your venue and meet your guests’ expectations.

Mariachi band

A mariachi band gives a company picnic a distinct feel; coordinating your company picnic act with all the other details (i.e. menu, venue, décor, etc.) makes your event a one-of-a-kind experience guests appreciate.


The best pianists are versatile entertainers that can meet the needs of a company picnic. Especially at an indoor picnic, a pianist can provide background music, dinner music, and mainstage entertainment. To take your piano entertainment to the next level, consider adding dueling pianos to your company picnic program.

5 Company Picnic Planning Mistakes to Avoid

picture of family enjoying company picnicThere are a lot of details to sort through when planning a company picnic; a serious misstep in any area can jeopardize all the corporate event goals you’re trying to achieve. To avoid another mediocre company picnic, avoid these major mistakes when planning your company picnic.

Ignoring “location, location, location” event planning rule

Your company picnic venue is one of the most important decisions you make during planning.  Take the old real estate rule to heart: “location, location, location.”  Consider these factors when choosing the right hall, park, arena, aquarium, or other space for your picnic festivities.  If the “normal” locations aren’t available, be creative—or consult someone with experience who can make original recommendations.

No back-up plan for an outdoor event

Midwestern weather is unpredictable.  NEVER plan an outdoor event—even with a clear forecast—without a plan B just in case of a pop up shower, intense heat, or a surprise storm.  The comfort of your guests and the success of your event is at stake.  Arrange for a back-up tent, alternate location for food, and other options for all contingencies.

Not providing entertainment for ALL your guests

Even if your primary audience is adults, never forget to include your youngest guests in your entertainment plans.  The parents in the crowd are going to thank you too!  Think face painters, magicians, jugglers…we’ve listed a few suggestions for children’s entertainers here.  If you need an entertainer that fits your “out of the box” theme, contact an entertainment agent for a truly unique entertainment line-up that speaks to ALL of your guests.

Not having entertainment…at all

Don’t just leave the fun of your company picnic to chance.  While networking is an important part of any company picnic, keep your picnic moving and your guests entertained through the whole event.  The food, atmosphere, venue all play an important part in company picnic success…but the entertainment is what your guests’ll talk about for years to come.

Not having enough

Not having enough of anything during a company picnic…enough food, enough restrooms, enough room in the venue, enough…well you get the idea.  If you want to increase your chance of company picnic success, have an accurate guests list that you can use to work with your vendors to make sure you have all your bases sufficiently covered.  Contact an entertainment agent for enough entertainment.  A caterer for enough food.  A venue to find out if there is enough space.  An event planner to coordinate all the details of your company picnic.  You, and your guests, will be glad you did.

25 Company Picnic Entertainment Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

group of happy child outdoor having fun at company picnicA company picnic is supposed to be fun, right? Yet, for some reason, so many companies and event planners plan a company picnic without entertainment. The result is a bunch of people standing around—and a lot of employees (and their families) staying home from another boring company party.

You can change your company picnic atmosphere by making a few changes during the planning process:

  • Give this year’s company picnic a theme, such as a carnival or sports (we’ve listed 10 company picnic themes here). A company picnic theme gives you direction as you plan every detail.
  • Choose a fun venue that is interactive and gives your employees an extra incentive to come. We’ve given you a few ideas for company picnic venues in our recent post.
  • Contact an entertainment agent for entertainers that fits your company event and budget. An entertainment agent can select the best entertainers for the demographic of your guests, and coordinate your company picnic entertainment.

Entertainment Ideas for the Family Company Picnic

Game ideas:

  • Potato sack races
  • Bingo
  • Relay races
  • Pool party
  • Sand castle contest
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Bounce house
  • Food-building activity (i.e. bugs out of marshmallows and toothpicks, food sculptures, etc.)
  • Cooking s’mores


  • Magicians can bring magic to your company picnic. Magicians are versatile company picnic entertainment because they can adapt to almost any crowd or event venue and provide tricks that wow guests of all ages.
  • Jugglers are entertainers that are suitable for any company picnic crowd, and can mingle through your crowd and incorporate everyone into their act (including the boss!).
  • Face painters may come to mind as company picnic entertainment only for the kids, but adults seem to enjoy their services as well. If you want another entertainer for adults at your company picnic as well, ask an entertainment agent about caricature artists. The face painters can keep the children entertained while the caricature artists give the adults some artsy entertainment as well.
  • Musicians are a mainstay for company picnic entertainment, and it’s easy to see why. Just ask us about singers that can include children and adults into their acts, or for a children’s singer for one stage, and a singer more suited to adults for another area.

Entertainment Ideas for the Adult-Only Company Picnic

entertainers for company picnicGames:

  • Sports (basketball, softball, volleyball, etc.)
  • Obstacle course
  • Dunk tank
  • Team-building activity
  • Tug of war
  • Trivia
  • Entertainment ideas from the kid list (bingo, sack races, etc.)


Musicians are a company picnic entertainment favorite because they give your guests that ‘night-out’ feel.  To select the best entertainer that fits your company picnic theme, contact an entertainment agent with an extensive list of choices—and the experience to know what act is perfect for your company picnic.

Impersonators are a big hit at company picnics with a retro theme.  Ask your entertainment agent for an impersonator that fits the decade you’re planning your company picnic around, such as the 20’s or 50’s.

Comedians make a big impression on your guests—especially if your entertainment agent has access to the best acts in your area.  For a personalized show, give your agent information about your company and picnic theme.

Hypnotists leave your company picnic attendees, well, hypnotized and give them a topic to talk about around the water cooler for years to come.  These interactive entertainers bring your company picnic guests into the show so you can avoid the boring company picnic of the past.

Stiltwalkers are definitely a conversation starter as they mingle throughout the crowd.  Perfect for a carnival theme or a circus, stilt walkers can keep your guests entertained and curious about what’s coming next.

This list is just a sample of company picnic entertainment that can bring a new level of fun to your annual employee picnic. If you are looking for more company picnic entertainment ideas, or want to book the top entertainers in Chicago, contact us. We can make sure that your picnic is a successful and fun company picnic everyone wants to come to, and everyone—-adults and kids—walk away happy.

5 Entertainment Acts for Your Summer Party

endless summer band for summer partiesIt’s summer in the Midwest. What better time for a summer party? You’ll need excellent weather, food and entertainment for your guests. We can’t help with our Illinois weather—after all, this is the Midwest—but we can help with matching dependable, quality entertainers to your guests and event needs. So where do you get started planning your summer party—your retirement going away, anniversary party, wedding, family reunion, company party or picnic? What are your options for summer party entertainment?

The irony is that there seems to be this misunderstanding that entertainment agents, or booking agents, are only needed for large summer parties and events. The truth is, well, that’s just not true. From requests for a 28-piece orchestra to small, intimate wedding or celebration entertainment, an entertainment agent can assist with any summer party—and turn it in to a huge success with any of a number of entertainment acts, such as:

  1. Singers. A singer is an excellent way to entertain your guests. The specific singer for your event depends on the kind of event, sound you want, and demographics of your guests. Contact a talent agent to determine what kind of singer is right for your event.
  2. Strings, pianists & orchestras. For a more formal event, book a pianist, quartet of strings or a 20-piece orchestra. It’s up to you, but the result is the same: a beautiful, soft sound that can serve as your main entertainment or background music at your wedding, anniversary party, renewal of vows or other special occasion.
  3. Bands. If you are holding a beach or Caribbean theme, and want a unique entertainment act, consider a steel drum band. For a party with a taco bar, hire our mariachi band (we’ve even listed ideas why in our post). For a barn dance, or a party with a country theme, we have a country band with a rural sound that could with your theme. Hosting a Mardi Gras party? We’ve got jazz groups that you’re your guests partying like its Mardi Gras in Chicago. Your options are endless.
  4. Themed entertainment. If your goal is to set the theme and take it over the top, research entertainers that fit your theme. Book characters that fit with your theme, such as gangsters for your authentic Chicago throwback party, or an impersonator that fits with the era of your retro party.
  5. Painters. Want a unique entertainer that sets the memory of your day on canvas, and in your mind? Ask us about a caricature or scene painter for your party. Either kind of painter is a very different kind of entertainer that your guests will be talking about even after your summer party is over.

If your taste for entertainment is a bit more unique, or out-of-the-box, ask your entertainment agent. Be prepared to give information about your event: size, date, demographic of expected guests, venue specifics, etc. Your entertainment agent can take that information and select the perfect entertainer or entertainment acts to make your summer party fun, no matter what our Midwestern weather throws at us.

20 Company Picnic Venue Ideas

entertainers for company picnicAre you in charge of planning your company picnic? Or in charge of planning another company’s annual summer picnic? Then this blog post is for you: the planner starting from scratch trying to coordinate the perfect summer company picnic that makes employees glad to be working for their employer. We know that every party planner’s process is different, with some event planners starting by determining the theme (if so, you’ll want to read our theme suggestion post) and some the company picnic venue.

Unfortunately, choose the right venue for your picnic is not as simple as choosing from our list, as there are more factors to use when determining the right company picnic venue:

  1. Number of people
  2. Demographic of your crowd (adults only, families, etc.)
  3. Date & time/availability
  4. Logistics (transportation to, parking, etc.)

Once you’ve nailed down these key details, now it’s time to brainstorm the right local venue for your crowd. Here are a few suggestions for company picnic venue ideas to get you started:

  1. Restaurant
  2. Zoo
  3. Museum
  4. Park
  5. Rooftop deck
  6. Football arena
  7. Botanical garden
  8. Boat/cruise
  9. Lake cabin
  10. Water park
  11. Ice arena
  12. Race track
  13. Fairgrounds
  14. Baseball stadium/park
  15. Pool
  16. Bandshell
  17. Casino
  18. Airport Hangar
  19. Aquarium
  20. Art gallery

The next step is choosing a theme and arranging for food and entertainment for your guests. Contact an entertainment agent who can recommend entertainers that fit with your company picnic venue and theme. An experienced agent can listen to your vision and make recommendations, or can come up with unique entertainment ideas perfect for your event. Together you can create an employee appreciation event that makes the employees feel valued, and you feel accomplished.

10 Company Picnic Themes (and how to choose the right one!)

children's entertainerYour employees expect nothing less than fun at your company picnic, so don’t let them down by holding an event that is anything but. Fulfill their expectations by planning a picnic based around a theme, which has a dual purpose: 1) it gives you a starting point for party planning 2) the right company picnic theme is a great way to wet everyone’s appetite for a fun picnic.

So how do you choose the right company picnic theme? Before you make your decision, inquire about the demographic of your picnic guests. Is your company holding a picnic for employees and their families or for employees and spouses only? Are you holding an event during the day for employees only? This key fact shapes the parameters of your party, and narrows down your company picnic theme options. For example, an employee and spouse crowd makes a casino or Hawaiian luau theme a better fit for an adult-only crowd. A company picnic for your employees and their families is an ideal setting for a company fair theme or a zoo-themed picnic. For an employee-only company picnic, coordinate a picnic with a ball game theme at a local baseball field (perhaps even include a baseball game as part of the picnic festivities, and a concert for your non-athletes). Other ways to choose a theme include:

  1. Select a venue (like a zoo picnic area or fair building), and choose a theme that fits with the venue.
  2. Contact a booking agent to find out what entertainers are available on the date of your picnic, and that fit your demographics and budget (i.e. a band, children’s entertainers, etc.) Choose a theme that fits with the entertainers you choose.
  3. Choose your food, then select a company picnic theme that fits with your cuisine (i.e. taco bar=Mexican theme, Caribbean entrees=Caribbean theme).
  4. Create a schedule of company picnic themes, so you can give your employees something new every year.

Looking for more ideas for your company picnic theme? Use this list:

  1. Beach
  2. Concert in the park
  3. Around-the-world cuisine
  4. Carribean
  5. Mexican
  6. Take me out to the ball game
  7. Casino
  8. Hawaiian luau
  9. Zoo
  10. Country fair

Once you’ve chosen your company picnic theme, contact us for entertainers that can wow your picnic guests. We’ve got children’s entertainers, entertainers that can make your theme (such as casino girls) or music entertainers for any group of picnic guests. A steel drum band can make a Caribbean-themed picnic fun, and country fair entertainers can make the kids at your picnic smile with face painters and fun. For an event with a taco bar, book our favorite Mariachi band to reinforce the theme. If you’re trying to give your employees a concert in the park, contact us for popular musical bands and singers that fit your company picnic guests’ tastes. We’ll help make your company picnic everything your employees expect, and deserve.

Entertainment Ideas for Your Summer Company Picnic

Are you in charge of your summer company picnic? The goal of every summer company picnic may be the same, but the options for entertainment are endless. Narrow down your options by knowing your guests, time of event, theme and options. What demographic of guests are at the summer company picnic? How many employees and family members are attending? Once you’ve made that determination, you can choose from your summer company picnic options:

  1. Theme entertainment. Choose a theme, and play it up with theme entertainment. Theme entertainment can also play a purpose, coordinating games or entertainment during the picnic. If your theme is an around-the-world cuisine event, hire entertainers that fit with the catering, such as a mariachi band and a steel drum band. An experienced entertainment agent can recommend the best entertainers that fit with your theme.
  2. Bands. Give your employees a free concert, with food, glow sticks and a night of fun at a private venue reserved just for them. Or book a singer or band as one of the entertainment options at your large company summer picnic.
  3. Children’s entertainers. Magicians, jugglers and other children’s entertainers can ensure your young guests are having as much fun as the adults. Children’s entertainers can also keep the kids moving with dancing and games during the picnic.
  4. Comedians. A comedian can bring levity to a company summer picnic, and keep your employees entertained during the meal. If you are hosting a larger company summer picnic, a comedian can be one of several entertainment options at your summer picnic venue.
  5. Painters. An event painter or face painters can provide a fun, and unexpected, side entertainment for your company summer picnic. Face painters have the added benefit of appealing to all demographics; even adults love face painting (we’ve seen it!).

If you need any other ideas for your company summer picnic, contact an agent experienced in company event planning. An agent can recommend top Chicago entertainers with an excellent record of entertainment, and can book all the entertainment necessary for your summer company picnic. An experienced agent also has the knowledge and expertise to match entertainers that fit with your summer company picnic demographics. With the agent’s assistance, your summer company picnic can meet and surpass your goal with all the right entertainment and food options that fit your guests.

Children’s Entertainers that Brings Giggles to Your Family Event

children's entertainerIf you’re trying to attract families, or are holding an event where families with children are sure to attend, don’t neglect the little ones when choosing your event entertainers. Undoubtedly, parents have a far better experience if they and their children have entertainers that cater to them. We’ve seen it—and can provide first-hand accounts—of weddings, summer festivals and corporate events where the planners provided children’s entertainers that wowed everyone. Children’s entertainers like:

Magicians. Magicians are one of the first children’s entertainers that come to everyone’s mind, and for good reasons. Magicians are versatile children’s entertainers because they can adapt to almost any event venue—on a stage or interacting one-to-one with your guests—and provide tricks that wow guests of all ages.

Jugglers. Just like magicians, jugglers are versatile and can cater their entertainment to your event venue. They are also entertainers that are suitable for adults and children of all ages, and can even incorporate your guests into their act.

Face painters. These classic children’s entertainers are more suited to children, but some adults seem to enjoy their services as well. If you want an entertainer for adults at your event as well, ask us about caricature artists. The face painters can keep the children entertained while the caricature artists give the adults some artsy entertainment as well.

Fun singers. Singers are unique entertainers who can customize their act to almost any event, and any size event venue. Just ask us about singers that can include children and adults into their acts, or for a children’s singer for one stage, and a singer more suited to adults at another stage.

This list is just a few of the children’s entertainers that can attract families to your event—and keep them entertained at your event. If you are looking for more ideas of children’s entertainers, or want to book the top children’s entertainers in Chicago, contact us. We can make sure that your event is a successful mixture of adult and children’s entertainers, and everyone—-parents and children—walk away happy.