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Creative Company Picnic Themes That’ll Trump all Your Past Picnics

uncle sam on unicycle, a unique entertainer for unique company picnic themeWas your last company picnic the definition of ho-hum? Are your employees sick of the same boring company picnic year after year? It’s time to up the ante on your company picnic planning and execution.  Abandon your boring company picnic theme (those themes that have been giving you lackluster results), and choose from one of these unusual company picnic themes that’ll take your picnic from boring to memorable.

Hawaiian Luau

Make your guests feel transported to the islands with an all out beach front Hawaiian luau.  Combine traditional Hawaiian entrees, luau décor, and the right entertainers, and you’ve got a Hawaiian luau thousands of miles away from the islands—but convenient for your guests.

This is one company picnic theme that you can’t skimp on though; many a company picnic has been thrown cheaply.  Instead, choose to go all out with cuisine and entertainment that fits the theme (ask an entertainment agent to connect you with the right entertainers).


Your guests should be singing “talk me out to the ball game…” if you give them a complete baseball fame experience.  Rent out a suite at a local ball game with atmospheric entertainers serving out their favorite treats or host a smaller affair at a local park.  To take your picnic to the next level, have their favorite baseball mascot make an appearance or bring back one of their favorite baseball greats from the past (celebrity impersonators!).

Make sure you don’t forget about your youngest guests; choose a venue that’s got space for the youngest baseball fans.  Provide entertainers that keep them occupied, so the event is enjoyable for the kids and their parents.

Country Fair

child with butterfly face painting from professional face painterTake your guests back in time to a vintage country fair.  Red checkered tablecloths, old time country fair treats, and entertainers can make your country fair company picnic incredibly memorable. Face painters and magicians can entertain your youngest guests, while bands, mimes, and other entertainers can make your more experienced guests enjoy themselves.

Make sure you add all the country fair favorites to the menu to immerse your guests in the theme: corn on the cob, popcorn, cotton candy and all the rest.  Hold the event a fairground or park for the backdrop for your unforgettable vintage country fair.

Theatre Night

During winter, a theatre-themed company picnic includes dinner and a show; during summer, it’s time to take advantage of the weather and move your picnic outdoors.  Invite your guests to a night out at the outdoor theatres; you can rent out an outdoor movie theatre or rent a portable movie screen at the venue of your choice.

Add entertainers to complete the theme.  Ask your entertainment agent to connect you with main stage entertainment that can capture your guests’ attention until the sun goes down. Atmospheric entertainers can offer your guests glow-in-the-dark fun, caricature sketches, yard games, and all the refreshments that come with a night out.

20 Company Picnic Venue Ideas

entertainers for company picnicAre you in charge of planning your company picnic? Or in charge of planning another company’s annual summer picnic? Then this blog post is for you: the planner starting from scratch trying to coordinate the perfect summer company picnic that makes employees glad to be working for their employer. We know that every party planner’s process is different, with some event planners starting by determining the theme (if so, you’ll want to read our theme suggestion post) and some the company picnic venue.

Unfortunately, choose the right venue for your picnic is not as simple as choosing from our list, as there are more factors to use when determining the right company picnic venue:

  1. Number of people
  2. Demographic of your crowd (adults only, families, etc.)
  3. Date & time/availability
  4. Logistics (transportation to, parking, etc.)

Once you’ve nailed down these key details, now it’s time to brainstorm the right local venue for your crowd. Here are a few suggestions for company picnic venue ideas to get you started:

  1. Restaurant
  2. Zoo
  3. Museum
  4. Park
  5. Rooftop deck
  6. Football arena
  7. Botanical garden
  8. Boat/cruise
  9. Lake cabin
  10. Water park
  11. Ice arena
  12. Race track
  13. Fairgrounds
  14. Baseball stadium/park
  15. Pool
  16. Bandshell
  17. Casino
  18. Airport Hangar
  19. Aquarium
  20. Art gallery

The next step is choosing a theme and arranging for food and entertainment for your guests. Contact an entertainment agent who can recommend entertainers that fit with your company picnic venue and theme. An experienced agent can listen to your vision and make recommendations, or can come up with unique entertainment ideas perfect for your event. Together you can create an employee appreciation event that makes the employees feel valued, and you feel accomplished.

10 Company Picnic Themes (and how to choose the right one!)

children's entertainerYour employees expect nothing less than fun at your company picnic, so don’t let them down by holding an event that is anything but. Fulfill their expectations by planning a picnic based around a theme, which has a dual purpose: 1) it gives you a starting point for party planning 2) the right company picnic theme is a great way to wet everyone’s appetite for a fun picnic.

So how do you choose the right company picnic theme? Before you make your decision, inquire about the demographic of your picnic guests. Is your company holding a picnic for employees and their families or for employees and spouses only? Are you holding an event during the day for employees only? This key fact shapes the parameters of your party, and narrows down your company picnic theme options. For example, an employee and spouse crowd makes a casino or Hawaiian luau theme a better fit for an adult-only crowd. A company picnic for your employees and their families is an ideal setting for a company fair theme or a zoo-themed picnic. For an employee-only company picnic, coordinate a picnic with a ball game theme at a local baseball field (perhaps even include a baseball game as part of the picnic festivities, and a concert for your non-athletes). Other ways to choose a theme include:

  1. Select a venue (like a zoo picnic area or fair building), and choose a theme that fits with the venue.
  2. Contact a booking agent to find out what entertainers are available on the date of your picnic, and that fit your demographics and budget (i.e. a band, children’s entertainers, etc.) Choose a theme that fits with the entertainers you choose.
  3. Choose your food, then select a company picnic theme that fits with your cuisine (i.e. taco bar=Mexican theme, Caribbean entrees=Caribbean theme).
  4. Create a schedule of company picnic themes, so you can give your employees something new every year.

Looking for more ideas for your company picnic theme? Use this list:

  1. Beach
  2. Concert in the park
  3. Around-the-world cuisine
  4. Carribean
  5. Mexican
  6. Take me out to the ball game
  7. Casino
  8. Hawaiian luau
  9. Zoo
  10. Country fair

Once you’ve chosen your company picnic theme, contact us for entertainers that can wow your picnic guests. We’ve got children’s entertainers, entertainers that can make your theme (such as casino girls) or music entertainers for any group of picnic guests. A steel drum band can make a Caribbean-themed picnic fun, and country fair entertainers can make the kids at your picnic smile with face painters and fun. For an event with a taco bar, book our favorite Mariachi band to reinforce the theme. If you’re trying to give your employees a concert in the park, contact us for popular musical bands and singers that fit your company picnic guests’ tastes. We’ll help make your company picnic everything your employees expect, and deserve.