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6 Factors to Use When Choosing the Perfect Company Picnic Venue

aquarium event venue with tables, chairs, and centerpiecesThe success of your company picnic depends on more than the attractiveness of the invitation. Choosing the right company picnic venue impacts the attendance rate, event experience, and even the takeaway of your guests. Put simply, it’s important to select the perfect company picnic venue when you want positive results. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider as you search for the right venue for your company picnic.

Event purpose

This may be the most common mistake made by amateur event planners, but professionals know that the goal of the event is the top factor in choosing the perfect company picnic list. Identifying the goal and guest demographic is one of the first steps in planning a company picnic, and choosing the right company picnic venue.

Location, location, location

Venue location is everything, especially to your guests. For maximum attendance, choose a company picnic venue that is convenient and in an ideal neighborhood for your guests. In an urban setting, select a location that is easily accessible to public transportation. For a more rural feel, choose a park that is in an ideal neighborhood.

Guest list

Event planning is a very guest-centric effort. Every event planner knows to focus on their guests’ comfort, especially when choosing the event venue. This is a Goldilocks task: the right venue is not too big and not too small. The right venue should be large enough to accommodate your expected attendance, but not so large that it feels like the picnic is not well-attended. With regards to budget, ask each venue about any minimums imposed by the venue to ensure that the final bill does not include charges for guests that did not attend.


Atmosphere is what every event planner strives for, and every company picnic should deliver. The venue plays a large part in establishing atmosphere—another reason why the stakes are high to find the perfect company picnic venue. To find the perfect backdrop, have an idea of a company picnic theme (find picnic theme ideas here) before vetting event venues.


Before you select a company picnic venue, set a budget for the event. If budget numbers are minimal, maximize your budget dollars into picnic areas that make a big impact on your guests: food and entertainment. Request an invoice with a complete list of charges to ensure that there are no surprise costs when the company picnic is over—just the satisfaction of a well-attended and successful company picnic.

Event Needs

For a company picnic with multiple activities (i.e. kids’ crafts, concert space, etc.), look for a venue with multiple spaces and any options you need (i.e. audio visual, wi-fi, catering space, etc.). If you are not familiar with a city, such as our national clients who host a corporate event in Chicago, contact a local event planner that knows the area and can make recommendations for the perfect event venue (and any other company picnic details).


20 Company Picnic Venue Ideas

entertainers for company picnicAre you in charge of planning your company picnic? Or in charge of planning another company’s annual summer picnic? Then this blog post is for you: the planner starting from scratch trying to coordinate the perfect summer company picnic that makes employees glad to be working for their employer. We know that every party planner’s process is different, with some event planners starting by determining the theme (if so, you’ll want to read our theme suggestion post) and some the company picnic venue.

Unfortunately, choose the right venue for your picnic is not as simple as choosing from our list, as there are more factors to use when determining the right company picnic venue:

  1. Number of people
  2. Demographic of your crowd (adults only, families, etc.)
  3. Date & time/availability
  4. Logistics (transportation to, parking, etc.)

Once you’ve nailed down these key details, now it’s time to brainstorm the right local venue for your crowd. Here are a few suggestions for company picnic venue ideas to get you started:

  1. Restaurant
  2. Zoo
  3. Museum
  4. Park
  5. Rooftop deck
  6. Football arena
  7. Botanical garden
  8. Boat/cruise
  9. Lake cabin
  10. Water park
  11. Ice arena
  12. Race track
  13. Fairgrounds
  14. Baseball stadium/park
  15. Pool
  16. Bandshell
  17. Casino
  18. Airport Hangar
  19. Aquarium
  20. Art gallery

The next step is choosing a theme and arranging for food and entertainment for your guests. Contact an entertainment agent who can recommend entertainers that fit with your company picnic venue and theme. An experienced agent can listen to your vision and make recommendations, or can come up with unique entertainment ideas perfect for your event. Together you can create an employee appreciation event that makes the employees feel valued, and you feel accomplished.