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Company Holiday Party Planning Ideas

holiday partiesLooking for different, new-to-you company holiday party planning ideas? Do you want to mix things up or add some new fun to your company’s holiday gathering? Our first piece of advice for companies planning a holiday party is: don’t procrastinate. If you want to add a new entertainer, refreshment or novelty item, contact your entertainment agent or vendor as soon as possible. The newest trends (and entertainers) get booked quickly; decide on your plan of action promptly so you can add a new twist to this year’s company holiday party.

Hot chocolate/hot cocoa bar

Want to give your guests a warm inviting feel at your company holiday party? No matter what you call, a hot chocolate or hot cocoa bar is a wonderful way to warm your guests up to your event. Set up a hot cocoa bar as a way of welcome (or farewell, especially if they are heading out into the cold), or as a side table at your company holiday party.

Mind reader

mind reader for holiday partiesWant to wow your guests at your next company holiday party? Hire the mind reader that puts the ‘entertain’ in entertainer: Christopher Carter. Christopher is a perfect performer for almost any audience, amazing them by illuminating light bulbs in their hands, reading their minds about contents in their pockets and many other phenomenal acts! If you are looking for one of America’s most requested novelty acts, contact us about Christopher. He’s the perfect entertainer for small or large holiday party audiences, and personalizes every presentation so your guests get a unique and specialized performance that leaves them in awe.

Photo booth or Photographer

Want to give your company holiday party guests a chance to remember their special night? Or a chance to take their family holiday card photo? Give them a photo booth where they can ham it up with their co-workers (and props to do so!). For a company holiday party focused on employee families, provide a photographer that can take their holiday card family photo and post it online for download.

Juggler & Comedian

Want an entertainer so fun even the kids pay attention? Contact us to hire an entertainer that can keep the youngest and most experienced audience members amused at your next holiday party. His name is Bobby Hunt, and he is the entertainer that can make your next company holiday party an occasion your guests never forget.

Ice bar

ice bar for company holiday partyAn ice bar is a unique touch at any company holiday party, and perfect for any company holiday party in the Midwest (especially when the temps hit an all-time low outside). Serve the cocktails at your next company holiday party from an ice bar customized for your theme, or with logos and artwork specially designed for your next holiday event. Want to find out more about this unique idea? We can give you all the information you need for your next company party.

Holiday piano entertainment

Planning a classy holiday party that demands a fun and upscale pair of entertainers? Contact us about our holiday dueling piano show, which can get anyone into the holiday spirit.

White Christmas show

Even if your guests are too young to remember the original White Christmas film, they’ll be entertained by this wonderful quartet’s concert filled with classic holiday songs such as “Mr. Santa” and “Baby it’s cold outside” as well as many other classics. This is your chance to show your appreciation by taking your guests to the theater for a night or an afternoon.

Our next piece of advice is to make sure you have a new idea that fits the demographic of your guests. For example, a party for your employees and their children requires different entertainment, refreshments and party favors than a party for your employees and their spouses. If you are using an experienced entertainment agent for booking your entertainers (like Artists, Events and Entertainment, Inc.), expect that task to be already done. An experienced entertainment agent can also give you other ideas to make your next company holiday party a success.

Selecting the RIGHT Entertainment for Your Corporate Holiday Party

home_splash1The right entertainment at your holiday corporate party is the difference between a memorable, extraordinary party and a ho-hum gathering that everyone makes excuses to avoid. When you hear, “My dog ate my keys” repeatedly, it’s time for a new draw that eliminates the lame excuses. So how do you find that fantastic entertainment that keeps everyone coming back? Don’t go at it alone. Finding the right booking agent with years of experience, a full listing of entertainers and the ability to match your party with the right entertainer is invaluable to creating the perfect party for your guests.

So before you start your corporate party planning, or pick up a phone to confirm a detail, start your party planning by locating a booking agent with years of experience that has matched the right entertainers with companies throughout Chicagoland. Once you’ve located the entertainment industry professionals that can match your party with the right entertainer, let the party planning begin:

  • Set the theme. The theme of your corporate holiday party dictates many of your party details: menu, decorations, entertainment. Hiring an experienced booking agent comes with another benefit: in addition to selecting the right entertainment, a booking agent can also make suggestions for party themes they’ve seen work.
  • Confirm the important details. Your booking agent needs to know the date, theme, budget and venue before they can find the right entertainers for your party.
  • Find the booking agent that can make the perfect entertainment match. Not all booking agents are created equal. Choose an entertainment agency with years of experience in the entertainment field with a full lineup of entertainers that fit your holiday party needs.
  • Give as much information about your organization and party to your talent agent. Call your booking agent (find out why in our recent blog post) and give them information about your company and the demographic of the crowd you expect. Your booking agent can connect you with the entertainer suitable for the age group of your crowd, creating a wonderful atmosphere with entertainment appropriate to their tastes.

Now it’s time to leave your entertainment selection to the professionals, and finalize your theme details. Your booking agent selects the entertainer(s) that fit your theme, venue size and crowd demographic. The result: an extraordinary party that leaves your guests entertained and appreciated,  without the lame excuses.

Creative Company Holiday Party Themes

Quartet Best_400_266‘Tis the season for company holiday party planning. Even though the holiday party is months away, now is the time to draw on inspiration for your holiday party and start setting in stone the big details such as venue and theme. If you’re drawing a blank in the latter category, here are a few ideas to get you started planning your company holiday party:

  • Treat your employees to dinner and a show. Deviate from the “normal” drunken holiday party with a night at the theatre. At your holiday party, treat your employees to our White Christmas show inspired by the classic film. Complete with lavish costumes, original arrangements, comedy and plenty of sentiment, this cast proves that Christmas is a season to warm the heart and enrich the soul.
  • Enjoy a tropical holiday. Give your guests that tropical holiday feel without the expensive plane tickets. Book entertainers that give the party a ‘getaway’ feel, such as a steel drum band playing holiday carols. Complete the feel with tropical decorations, drinks and food, and you’ve given your guests a holiday vacation in the Midwest.
  • Capture kids’ attention at Santa’s toy factory. Hire elves for your occasion and put them in a corner where the kids can see them wrapping packages. Add some carolers for music as everyone enjoys holiday food, and bring Santa Claus out to distribute the elves’ packages for a new twist on the traditional holiday atmosphere.
  • Magical holiday party. Embody the spirit of the holidays with the traditional elements—snow, Santa, elves—and a bit of magic.  Hire a magician for your entertainment who can get everyone in the jolly holiday mood by the end of their act.

Once you’ve got the theme set for your party, you can start working on details such as the venue and date. Contact your talent agency next to book your entertainment because the best entertainers are booked early. An experienced talent agent can answer all your questions and find the right entertainers for your crowd. Book now, and enjoy the ultimate gift: an unforgettable holiday party.

Have questions about your holiday party planning?

SexyStilts2_240_299Though no one is humming Jingle Bells and the Chicago weather is still balmy, now is the ideal time to start planning your company’s holiday party. Looking for inspiration? We’ve planned a holiday party or two (or three or 400 or…). Though every party is unique, here are some frequently asked questions and answers that can get you in the holiday party planning mindset before the snowflakes fall:

What entertainers are appropriate for our holiday party?

You want your holiday party to be affordable for your corporate budget and entertaining enough to make your company party a festivity to remember. Think beyond the normal entertainers. Characters and actors enhance your theme (think elves and tin soldiers) and provide memorable entertainment for your guests. The characters can pass out appreciation gifts, circulate the crowd with holiday cheer or pose for pictures.

If you need a main stage act, a comedian amuses everyone without having to accommodate for diverse musical tastes. Want to give your employees a night out at the theatre? A live show like White Christmas holds everyone’s attention and sets the holiday mood. If you prefer background music, carolers and piano players are ideal for festive music while your employees mingle.

There are a lot of entertainment options for your holiday party. Working with an entertainment agency is a convenient way to find the best entertainers that fit your holiday party, and reserve many characters and entertainers for your party with one phone call.

How can I find a quality entertainment agency?

Anyone can grab a cell phone and call themselves an agent. Be selective. Choose an entertainment agency with years of experience in the entertainment field with a full lineup of entertainers that fit your holiday party needs.

When should I book entertainment for my holiday party?

The ideal timeframe is 60-90 days before your party. Entertainers in high demand are reserved early, so if you want a specific entertainer for your party, the earlier the better.

How can I accommodate the diversity of my employees at my holiday party?

Consider your employees and the kind of atmosphere you want to set at your holiday party. Contact an experienced entertainment agency with a diverse group of entertainers. Discuss your concerns. Most entertainers can customize their music and entertainment for your guests and their backgrounds.

Entertainment agents can also give recommendations for entertainers ideal for your employees. If your employees are outgoing, create a night of dancing with a band for them and their significant others. Have a diverse crowd with a lot of families? Bring in Santa Claus, set a casual menu and create a family-friendly atmosphere for your employees and their children.

Do I need to reserve my venue before the entertainment?

Yes! You need an exact date and location before contacting an entertainment agency. If you have a theme but don’t know what kind of entertainers you need, an entertainment agent can make recommendations for entertainers appropriate for your theme.

Have any more questions? We’ve got the experienced entertainment agents that can answer your questions. Contact us today.