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7 Entertaining Corporate Holiday Party Themes

employees at holiday party enjoying corporate holiday party themeEvery company holiday party is different, but there is a commonality among the successful holiday office gathering and corporate holiday event: direction. A corporate holiday party theme provides just that, guiding the decisions for almost every corporate holiday party detail. We’ve listed several corporate holiday party themes, along with the holiday party ideas that make these company holiday gatherings festive—and the entertainers that make them memorable (and a frequent topic of conversation around the water cooler!).

Ye Old Christmas

A classic holiday party should embody all the tastes, scents, and décor of a traditional holiday. Think gingerbread, cranberries, ice skates, and all those cozy and old-time holiday associations. The exact décor and entertainers depend on the audience demographic and desired event atmosphere (contact an entertainment pro to choose the right entertainer for the holiday event).

Entertainers: Home for the Holidays show, Carolers, Toy Soldiers, Father Christmas

Tropical Christmas

A tropical holiday theme warms guests up in spite of the cold Midwestern winter. In addition to a warm and welcoming venue, tropical theme details should make the holiday party feel like a day in a tropical paradise. To that end, tropical beverages, cuisine, and décor are a vital part of establishing a holiday party paradise. Contact an entertainment pro that can select the right high-quality corporate holiday party entertainment to complete the formula.

Entertainers: Steel drum band, Mariachi band, Reggae band

Winter Wonderland

With a Winter Wonderland theme, bring the beauty of an ice-cold winter day indoors (without subjecting guests to the freezing Midwestern temperatures). This beautiful corporate holiday party theme can be brought to life with snow-colored décor (and even a hint of shine like the snow of a bright day, if that is your desired atmosphere), strategic lighting, and all the tastes that warm up a cold winter day. For a twist, a Winter Wonderland can be altered to a Blue Christmas holiday party theme with blue décor and beautiful lighting.

Entertainers: Carolers, Home for the Holidays show, Father Christmas, Atmospheric musicians, Bands

Holiday Movie

Themed parties centered around a favorite holiday movie are a holiday party guest favorite. Use the primary guest demographic to determine the right holiday movie for the event. From there, choose the right entertainment, food, and décor that makes the movie a holiday classic.

Entertainers: Grinch, Scrooge, Celebrity Impersonators, Home for the Holidays show

Santa’s Workshop

A Santa-themed event deserves a venue with all the details that guests picture at the North Pole—plus Kris Kringle himself. Pack the corporate holiday menu with festive treats and activities that guests flock to, including a visit by the Santa Claus. If gifts are a part of the corporate holiday program, make sure to have elves on hand that make the delivery a jolly holiday memory.

Entertainers: Father Christmas, Elves, Carolers, Toy Soldiers, Musicians

Holiday Ball

A holiday ball should be a grand corporate holiday event, complete with the multi-course dinner, décor, and atmosphere completely fitting of a formal reception. Picture an elegant venue with an over-the-top holiday atmosphere. Treat guests to a hearty holiday menu that is fitting of a sophisticated palate, a formal reception with lighting and stylish décor, and the entertainment that ties it all together.

Entertainers: Aerialists, Carolers, Atmospheric musicians, Bands

Around-the-World Holidays

This corporate holiday party theme celebrates the holidays with all the event details from holidays around the globe. From the moment guests walk in the door, create a holiday party atmosphere that transports guests to another place with international tastes, décor, and performers.

Entertainers: Steel drum band, Mariachi Band, Reggae Band, International Performers

5 Entertainers for Your Holiday Party

holiday party entertainersWinter wonderland. Santa’s village. Classic holiday gathering. The ideas for holiday party themes are endless, and we haven’t even touched on out-of-the-box themes such as a Caribbean or Country Christmas idea. Once you’ve set your holiday party theme, or contacted us for an idea that’s different from the normal holiday gathering, it’s time to take your holiday party vision, and make it a reality. You can’t do that without holiday entertainers—after all, just arranging for a dinner doesn’t make the lasting favorable impression you want for your guests, or one that they’ll remember. We’ve planned a few holiday gatherings—or five or ten or hundred or so—so we’ve got a few recommendations for holiday entertainers that can make your theme a reality at your next holiday party:

White Christmas show

At your holiday party, treat your employees to our White Christmas show inspired by the classic film. Complete with lavish costumes, original arrangements, comedy and plenty of sentiment, this cast proves that Christmas is a season to warm the heart and enrich the soul.


What would your holiday party be without carolers? Set the mood at your holiday gathering with a professional set of carolers who can perform all the holiday tunes your guests expect. Carolers are great entertainers for pre-dinner music, luncheon music, or a main entertainment act that everyone can enjoy.

Father Christmas for holiday partiesFather Christmas

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a holiday party for families or adult guests, Father Christmas is a jolly addition to any holiday party, or can be the main entertainer at a classic holiday gathering. Add elves to your entertainment lineup, and you’ll have an authentic holiday village.

Country Christmas

Want to take your guests to a country Christmas in the city? Hire a country band for your main entertainment, and create a country atmosphere with a fireplace and cozy atmosphere. If you’re not sure how to plan a tasteful country holiday party, contact an event planner with the experience to make your vision a tasteful reality.

ice bar for company holiday partyIce bar

We know an ice bar is not an entertainer, but it is a beautiful addition to your holiday party gathering. An ice bar is a wonderful part of a winter wonderland theme, Santa’s village, or another holiday party theme.

The sky’s the limit when holiday party planning, so don’t feel confined to these holiday party themes or entertainers. If you want a unique holiday party with entertainers that fit, contact us for ideas and event planning tips.