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4 Tips for a Better Event in the New Year

Pair of glasses of champagne event planningThe New Year is a time for celebration and improvement. If your calendar has a corporate event on it, your New Year is a time for both; an opportunity to initiate your celebration planning and look for ways to improve every aspect of your grand opening, conference, training, seminar, business dinner, or trade show.

Start with a plan.

Before you plan any event details, put your vision on paper. Starting with a cohesive vision sets the tone for a coordinated event. Skipping this step can lead to an affair with a mishmash of details that don’t fit together.

If your event is an annual occasion, take the opportunity to review feedback from last year’s event and refine your plans accordingly.  You absolutely have to start with a plan, or find an event planner who shares your vision. To be clear, your event doesn’t have to be too theme-y, and you don’t have to know every detail, but you need to have a plan that pulls your event details together. Planning is not an option for a successful event; it’s a ‘must have.’

Location, location, location.

NEVER underestimate the role your chosen location plays in the success of your event. Choose a venue that fits the formality of your occasion and budget, is in an extremely desirable location for your targeted audience, and has ample space for your guests. If you need a venue that needs to fit multiple functions (tradeshow, dance, dinner, cocktail hour, etc.), map out the different halls and areas before you make a formal confirmation. Don’t be afraid to consult the experts if you’re not familiar with the area where you are holding your event. Contact a local event planner to make recommendations in your preferred area.

Know your demographic.

This is advice you should take to heart from the moment you initiate your event planning. If you are targeting a crowd of Millennials, your event promotion should be focused online with an emphasis on mobile-friendly marketing tools. Every aspect of your event should revolve around your guests, based on their demographic: schedules, speakers, entertainment. We see the latter every day: as experienced booking agents, we consistently match our clients with entertainment that fits their guests’ demographic. The result is a match made in heaven: entertainers suitable for the age group of the event crowd, creating a wonderful atmosphere with entertainment appropriate to their tastes.

Know your limitations.

Event planning is not for the faint of heart; planning a corporate event takes a significant amount of time and detail-oriented focus. If you are like many companies, you don’t have the time or expertise to take on every aspect of event planning. For optimal results, and an incredible event, outsource your efforts to a knowledgeable event planner. An event planner has the familiarity to select the right event venue, the expertise to coordinate the details, and the knowledge to choose the right entertainment that makes an impact on your guests. In short, an event planner can help you keep your professional New Year’s resolution and give your guests a reason to celebrate in the New Year.

10 Promotional Tips to Spread the Word About Your Event

NICEAwards-C068.JPG MR_240_161You’ve made the right first step: you’ve hired one of the best, and most experienced, entertainment agents and event planners in Chicago to ensure your event is spectacular. The next step is to set a promotional plan for your event to notify and attract guests to your event. We’ve been part of event planning, and have witnessed an event or two (or three or several hundred or…), so we’ve put together a list of some of the best promotional tips to make sure EVERYONE knows about your big day:

Corporate Event

Set a promotional schedule well in advance of your event day.

Use many different online and offline channels to accommodate your guests’ preference.

Select compelling images for your promotional pieces that fit your audience and draw people in.

Choose a theme or color scheme and create all your promotional pieces with that same scheme to create event awareness and tie the event to your brand.


Don’t assume that your guests are all on social media. For those that are, use social media to give your guests information and answer questions.

Set a schedule for your save the dates and invitations, and stick to it.

Put all your event information on a website for easy access: venue information, hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests, parking information, etc.

Entertainment Event

Know the demographic and audience persona that is attracted to your entertainment act. Use that information to set your promotional calendar.

Use your entertainment as a draw in all your promotional materials. Design your materials around the feel of the entertainment act.

Tap into your network to spread the word about your event. Utilize social media, online resources, and offline channels to promote (determine which channels to use by researching the most common channels utilized by your audience).

Bonus: use an entertainment agent to book the best acts for your event, and to find quality entertainers that draw a crowd. Contacting an entertainment agent also has other benefits that we’ve written about before. If you have any questions, or want to jumpstart your event planning, contact us on Twitter, Facebook or via email.