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human statue for Halloween events

Top Halloween Event Entertainment Ideas

Halloween events scream for over-the-top entertainment. After all, everything about Halloween is frighteningly strong—including the entertainment ideas! This list of Halloween event ideas meets guests’ expectations for a spooky—or frighteningly fun—event.

When setting these ideas into stone, event planners should proceed with one note of caution (or an entertainment agent who can connect them with the best Halloween entertainers). Only the highest-quality entertainers can pull off these Halloween entertainment ideas. Lower-quality entertainers can leave guests waiting for the scare, instead of experiencing it. 

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery can be just the ticket for a semi-formal or formal affair. The best murder mysteries offer intrigue and an all-encompassing experience. This atmosphere can be enhanced with the right entrance, such as a spooky venue, scary décor, or human statues.

Mentalist Show

Mind-reading and hypnotism can make anyone’s hair stand on end—perfect for the Halloween season. A mentalist is the ideal main-stage entertainment for a Halloween event, especially a high-quality entertainer that can adapt their act to the occasion.

Family Halloween Festival

For a slightly less spooky occasion, Halloween event planners should consider family entertainment. At the top of the list should be top-notch face painters, which can leave the youngest and most-experienced guests satisfied and taking selfies. Face painters can be an incredibly popular draw at any fall festival or family event.

Halloween Ball

It’s hard to find anyone that wouldn’t enjoy a Halloween ball. The best part of this Halloween event is the options that come with this entertainment idea. There are so many top Chicago bands that can adapt their play list specific to the type of occasion, making the event the topic of conversation well after the Halloween event is over.

Fortune Teller

A quirky event deserves out-of-the-box entertainment ideas. A fortune teller definitely fits the bill, leading to a line of guests waiting to hear their fortune. This Halloween event idea is the perfect way to greet guests and give the taste of what’s to come or to include in a entertainment line-up as creative as the entertainer.

Haunted House Entertainers

Of course, nothing can match the effect of Haunted House entertainers. These extreme characters work perfectly in a haunted house, a specialized night at a fall festival, or in a haunted barn where people are ready to scream.

6 Halloween Event Entertainment Ideas

halloween entertainer head on the table ready to scare guests‘Tis the season (Halloween season that is!) for spooks and fun—and if you’re a smart event planner, tapping into the Halloween fever and planning the ultimate Halloween event.  The ultimate event with décor, cuisine, favors—and entertainers that take your event to a be-witching level.

Murder Mysteries

A murder mystery captures the attention of your guests—and keeps them on the edge of their seats until the evening is over.  If you want a real conversation starter that keeps your guests talking even after the drop of the curtain, schedule a murder mystery as the perfect main stage entertainment.halloween event entertainer with pumpkin head and orange suit

Costumed characters

Not every entertainer has to be the focus of your event; entertainers can be an important part of creating an event with Halloween atmosphere. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the right costumed characters, so don’t be afraid (it is almost Halloween after all!) to ask the experts for suggestions for the right costumed Halloween characters.

Hypnotists & Psychics

Not every Halloween entertainer has to be suitable for a haunted house to be the perfect fit for a Halloween event; hypnotists and psychics are the perfect example—and can bring out your guests’ fun Halloween spirit without the ghouls.


halloween magician entertainerWe’ve brought up magicians before as an excellent choice for children’s entertainment, but magicians can entertain even your more, ahem, experienced Halloween event guests.  If you want a custom magic show with a more frightful demeanor, ask about magicians that can customize their act for your event.

Mind Readers & Fortune Tellers

Mind readers and fortune tellers can pull guests in the door, or keep them in their seat as they regale and entertain the crowd.  They’ll make your Halloween event an affair your guests’ll talk about after the event is done; just ask them today: they can see into the future and tell you about it now.

Face Painter

Costumes are an integral part of Halloween—and you can complete your guests’ costumes (both young and old) with professional face painting. Your guests’ll love an elaborate face painting, and you’ll love that your face painter is reliable and a fantastic asset to your Halloween event.