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10 Sizzling Hot Summer Party Entertainment Ideas

Nothing says summer like a party—and a summer event isn’t complete without these summer party entertainment ideas! Whether it’s a backyard summer party, corporate event, or formal occasion, these summer party entertainment ideas can blend seamlessly with every event detail.

Dance Band

The perfect Chicago band is different for every occasion. A jazz band is perfect for a vintage party that’s planned to envy a 20’s Chicago speakeasy. A tropical band with steel drums make guests feel like they are on vacation in Chicago. A cover band with a huge play list can fit perfectly with any theme. To choose the right dance band, contact a Chicago entertainment professional for the best band for the occasion.

child with butterfly face painting from professional face painter

Face Painters

Face painters are a versatile summer party entertainment idea. These summer event entertainers appeal to guests of all ages. Professional face painters can also adapt their art to the occasion, providing more elaborate art at a formal occasion and themed art at a casual event.

Mariachi Band

A mariachi band is a must-have party entertainer for a summer fiesta. These entertainers are the perfect way to set the atmosphere and engulf guests in the sounds and tastes of a warm fiesta. For the best mariachi band, contact an entertainment pro that can connect you with reliable and high-quality mariachi entertainers.


A magician adds a healthy dose of “wow!” to a summer party, either as a children’s entertainer or as a mainstage act. The best magicians can even customize their act to fit the occasion, which is awesome when the party revolves around a guest of honor or anniversary.

Tarot and Psychic Entertainer

A tarot and psychic entertainer is an unexpected party entertainer, which is what this out-of-the-box party entertainer so fun! A psychic entertainer perfectly complements a carnival party theme (with magicians, face painters, games) or adds a fun twist to a bridal shower or backyard party.

Acapella Entertainers

Acapella entertainers are the perfect atmospheric or main stage entertainment, bringing an upscale touch to summer party. These entertainers are perfect for a wine tasting, bridal shower, garden tea, or any other summer party.

stilt walker for outdoor wedding


A stiltwalker adds an over-the-top whimsical touch to a summer party. These entertainers are perfect for a circus-themed party or an out-of-this-world experience. Best yet, stiltwalkers make a huge impression on guests, leaving them awestruck and anticipating the next summer party experience.


Jugglers are a wonderful way to entertain children and adults alike. These entertainers are a fantastic family event performer, a wonderful children’s room entertainer, or an integral part of a fabulous carnival.

Balloon Sculptors

Many people associate balloon sculptors as children’s entertainers, but these entertainers bring smiles to guests of all ages. A balloon sculptor is a wonderful part of a family event, such as a block party, or a corporate picnic. As an added bonus, the balloon sculptures make for beautiful event photos and favors that guests’ll love to take home.

Roaring 20’s Entertainers

Nothing can take guests back to the early days of Chicago like entertainers from the Roaring 20’s. These entertainers are a great way to make an evening party feel like a roaring party from the early days of Chicago.

Steel Drum Band

A steel drum band is a wonderful way to heat up a party with a Caribbean theme. This summer party entertainment make guests feel like they are on a cruise or on the beach, enjoying a cocktail and relaxing in the sun.

Hot Tips for a Successful Summer Event

uncle sam on unicycle, a unique entertainer for unique company picnic themeThough summer is the premier time of the year for summer events, we’re not going to mince words about summer: it gets HOT. Our Chicago summers can alternate between pleasant and sweltering. Though it seems like the only weather forecast you need to worry about for your event is rain and thunderstorms, that kind of thinking can’t be farther from the truth. The weather matters to your guests so it should matter to you.

It’s that kind of consideration—and a few other event planning tips—that makes a summer event a success that attendees want to come back to again and again.

Know your audience.

Hopefully, one of the first rules of event planning is at the forefront of the planning process: know your audience. Plan accordingly when choosing entertainment, setting a menu, scheduling activities, and laying out the event.

Cool them down.

If temperatures on the day of the event are closer to sweltering than pleasant, take every precaution to make the event a cool experience for everyone. Use misters and fans as needed at the event; if it is a family event, make the misters and fans a fun activity for the kids. For a more adult-oriented event, use live entertainers to cool down attendees and create a unique atmosphere.


vintage entertainer serving foodA summer event shouldn’t turn into a series of medical emergencies; plan on providing an appropriate amount of hydration for attendees. To turn this necessary event task into a part of the event atmosphere, use live entertainers to pass out drinks or provide stylish (and tasty) drink stations throughout the event.

Surprise them.

An event surprise is a welcome addition to any event, such as surprise entertainment (or a surprise during the entertainment) or a scrumptious menu item. Don’t hesitate to amaze guests with a surprise appropriate for their demographic or ask the professionals for recommendations for a surprise that everyone’ll remember.

Have a contingency plan.

Summer weather can be beautiful; it can also be unpredictable. Make a plan B an essential part of event planning. Have a back-up venue in case of severe weather and a date that covers those ‘just in case’ scenarios.

Make it interactive.

Interaction is a memorable part of every event. Seize the opportunity, such as using entertainers to serve refreshments or assist attendees with interactive activities. Take every step to ensure an all-encompassing sensory experience that is enjoyable for everyone.

Keep it clean.

Event attendees should enjoy a wonderful summer breeze, not the odor from a trash can. Take efforts to ensure the event venue is kept clean throughout the event or make appropriate arrangements with the venue (use this checklist to choose the right venue for the event).

Fun, fun, fun!

A summer event should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Don’t let attendees down; tackle the largest details (or contact the pros that can) and meet the small considerations. Your guests’ll appreciate the effort.