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20 of the BEST Entertainers for Parties

The one commonality of the best entertainers for parties is they are all different—meaning you’re sure to find the right entertainer for your corporate event, birthday party, gala, or fundraiser. The best part of finding the best entertainment for your event is that the list of entertainers is endless (longer than the list below!)—but can easily be narrowed down with a call to a Chicago entertainment professional.

aerial entertainer at themed gala



celebrity impersonators at corporate event

Celebrity Impersonators

juggler at mccormick place in chicago il


1950s entertainers at corporate event theme

50s Entertainers

great gatsby entertainers

Roaring 20s Entertainers (Great Gatsby)


wedding artist painting picture of reception


entertainers at nautical themed corporate event

Themed Entertainers

stilt walker for outdoor wedding


marchiachi band for cinco de mayo

Mariachi Band

Steel Band

Jazz Band



Balloon Sculptor

Dueling Pianos

Face Painters

Champagne Girl/Themed Servers

endless summer band for summer weddings

Dance Bands

aerial entertainer at themed gala

9 Amazing Themes for a Gala That Draw a Crowd

A gala is a fanciful affair that can take a million different directions; this list of gala themes can get you started choosing the one that wows your guest list.


A casino gala theme is full of possibilities. This theme starts at the door with an upscale entrance, service, and welcome befitting a casino. It continues into a space with lighting and décor that sets the mood. The gala menu should make guests feel like they hit it big, followed by a mainstage act that makes a big impression. This theme demands a band that makes a big impression, comedian, or mentalist that can adapt their act to the occasion. 

derby entertainer at corporate event

Kentucky Derby

This gala theme should make guests feel the excitement of race day with pre-race buzz and unique event details. Guests’ll be ready to don their most spectacular hats and choose the winner, especially when they walk into a derby-worthy gala. The event planning starts with themed invites and continues with music and photo opps with jockeys that look ready to ride.

Winter Wonderland

This seasonal gala theme is a spectacular nod to all the wonders of the season. The gala can be a sea of white décor that resembles a fresh snowfall or a colorful occasion with tones of the season. A winter wonderland event practically screams for lighting and remarkable décor. The décor should set the scene for a scrumptious event menu and entertainment. The latter could include an orchestra, band, or a winter holiday act that puts guests in the spirit of the holiday.

red carpet entertainer with guests at masquerade themed charity gala

Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball is a formal affair with a million opportunities to amaze guests. An event with this upscale gala theme should meet guests’ expectations with a formal welcome at the door. The theme should envelop guests as they enjoy every detail: luxurious décor, a delectable menu, and entertainment that exceeds their expectations. The exact choice for the latter depends on the target audience; a professional can help narrow down masquerade ball themed entertainment options.


A gala with a theater theme should provide drama in every event detail. This event theme should use dramatic colors that make guests feel like they are attending a wonderful performance. The atmosphere should start at the door with paparazzi making guests feel like stars or showgirls welcoming them to the show. Once in the door, the mood should continue with dramatic touches and over-the-top entertainment.

gangster and flapper entertainers

Roaring 20’s

A roaring 20s theme should transport guests back to a speakeasy with an arresting flair. The mood of this gala theme isn’t complete with period décor and bold entertainment. The latter should start with entertainers who look and act the era—perfect for photo opps! The entertainment doesn’t have to stop there; a phone call to a professional can produce a swinging band that jazzes up the occasion.

entertainers at nautical themed corporate event

Under the Sea

An under the sea theme demands over-the-top décor and entertainment. This event theme should make guests feel like they are diving into an experience, and deliver the best parts of the experience. When choosing an event venue is part of the process, an aquarium is the perfect backdrop (though this themed atmosphere can be created at any building).

aerialist serving drinks at charity event


A wine or ale tasting delivers the best local tastes—and every part of the sensory experience. This is an event that can be as formal as the occasion dictates; every element of the event should be coordinated and cohesive. As such, the event entertainment ideas for this theme vary from a unique server to acrobats to an orchestra or band.

Movie Theme

A movie theme can reflect the latest trends in movies or elicit all the feelings of a classic cinematic flick. There are numerous opportunities for bringing a movie atmosphere to life, such as with significant menu dishes or a fun photo opp.

20 Holiday Event Entertainment Ideas that Make Guests Merrier

A holiday event, whether retail or corporate, requires entertainers that suit the occasion and the audience. Because of the variety of events and audiences, the options for holiday event themes and entertainment are endless.

The first step is to set a goal for the event and confirm important details. This step can be as simple as setting a date and time (when the venue is already set) or as involved as finding a venue with the right logistics that fits the target audience. Either way, there are numerous choices for holiday event entertainment that are suitable for a mail or store event or fit perfectly into a themed holiday corporate party. (Contact an event entertainment professional to find the right entertainer for the guest list.)

grinch character for holiday parties


  • Father Christmas
  • Elves
  • Grinch
  • Toy Soldier
  • Gingerbread Boy
  • Scrooge

Main Stage

  • Holiday Theater Show
  • Dueling Pianos
  • Country Christmas Band
  • Dance Band
  • Jazz Band (perfect for a jazz holiday lounge)
  • Magician
  • Mentalist
  • Comedian
  • Steel Drum Band (for a tropical holiday theme)


  • Face Painters
  • Event Painter
  • Ice Bar
  • Carolers
  • Classic Ensemble

30+ Amazing Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

aerialists at corporate eventYour customers and employees expect more from your corporate event entertainment. These incredible entertainment ideas meet—and surpass—those high expectations. Best yet, this list is just the start of an endless list of possible event entertainers that can take any corporate event to the next level.

While guests appreciate creative corporate event entertainment ideas, the best way to impress guests is to choose the right event entertainer. The best entertainer fits the event and guest demographic (and may take a professional to find).

Theme Entertainment

Crown of Thrones Entertainment

throne from corporate event

Movie Characters


Jockey (Perfect for Kentucky Derby Theme and photo opps)

derby entertainer at corporate event

Ship Captains (and other nautical-themed entertainers)

entertainers at nautical themed corporate event

Diner Entertainers

1950s entertainers at corporate event theme

Game Show

game show for corporate events

Gangsters and Flappers

gangster and flappers at chicago corporate event

Brazilian Dance Troupe

dance group at adult-only company picnic

Main Stage Entertainment

Performance Art

Jazz Band



Country Band

R&B Band

Dueling Pianos

Steel Drum Band

Atmosphere Entertainers

Mariachi Band

marchiachi band for cinco de mayo

Champagne Girl (mixing food service and entertainment)

mardi gras entertainer with pink and purple dress and drink servers on the skirt

Aerial Entertainers

aerialist at event hanging from ceiling

Carnivale Server

carnivale themed table lady

Celebrity Impersonators

celebrity impersonators at corporate event

LED Entertainers

glow in the dark performer

Barbershoppe Quartet

barbershop quartet

Holiday Entertainment

Toy Soldier

toy soldier at holiday event

Father Winter

Father Christmas entertainer for office holiday parties


troop of elves and holiday entertainers for holiday parties

Holiday Show

office holiday party entertainers


holiday party carolers in chicago IL


grinch character for holiday parties

Family Entertainment

Face Painters

child with holiday facepaint for corporate christmas holiday party

Balloon Sculptors

balloon sculptures at grand opening chicago il



juggler for corporate events

10 (Unique) Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

happy just married young couple celebrating with wedding entertainment ideasWe all have seen the traditional wedding reception entertainment: a good DJ or one of the best wedding bands that can create a special atmosphere.  For couples that want to go beyond the traditional wedding entertainment, there are a number of unexpected (and fun) wedding entertainment ideas that can take your wedding day over the top.  (If you want more unique ideas, contact us. We’ll find the perfect wedding entertainment for your ceremony and reception.)


Your union is a magical experience; why not share that sentiment with your guests?  Hire a magician to entertain your youngest guests in a separate room, or to fill time between your dinner and wedding reception.


wedding artist painting picture of receptionAn artist is an unexpected wedding entertainment idea that is perfect for a formal or a picnic wedding. A wedding artist can give you a memento of your big day that you can hang on your wall forever.  At a picnic wedding, an artist can face paint your young—and more experienced (adult)—for fun wedding photos that you’ll have for years to come.

Yard Games

If you want fun outdoor wedding entertainment, crack out the traditional yard games: corn hole, lawn dice, tic tac toe (on steroids), ring toss, outdoor bowling, etc.  Put out yard games to keep your guests entertained before your band takes over, or contact an entertainment agent for entertainers to create a fun carnival atmosphere at your wedding. (Remember, due to our unpredictable Midwestern weather, make sure you have a plan B.)


Nothing beats a hayride at a rustic wedding venue.  It’s the perfect entertainment for all your guests, both young and old.  One tip: make sure your hayride is safe, and your venue has adequate insurance for the occasion.

Mariachi Band

For a fun Mexican or beach-themed wedding, hire a Mariachi band to make your guests feel like they’re on vacation.  To enhance the theme, add a piñata to your list of wedding entertainment ideas to enhance your wedding atmosphere.


Lawn bowling or a venue with classic bowling options…you’re guests’ll always remember your union as a strike!


wedding entertainer with formal red dress and head piece as a wedding entertainment ideaTo establish your theme before your guests enter, hire statement entertainers to greet your guests and circulate through the crowd.  Ask your entertainment agent about entertainers specific to your theme, such as flappers and gangsters for your vintage event.

Bubbles and a coloring table and…

Don’t forget about entertainment for the kids at your wedding.  We’ve listed a few wedding entertainment ideas that your young guests—and their parents—will appreciate!


End your big night with a bang.  Make sure your guests now about it so you can enjoy it together.  For a plan B wedding entertainment idea (the weather, remember?), contact the professionals who have the experience to make your night a big bang everyone’ll remember—even if it’s pouring outside.

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Ceremony Music

wedding ceremony sheet musicYou’re engaged! Congratulations. Let the wedding planning begin, including selecting the songs that play while you walk down the aisle. Your ceremony music is one of the first parts of your wedding that your guests experience, so make sure you give your ceremony music the due attention it deserves and don’t let your big day (or your guests) down. Here are five tips to help you choose the ceremony music—and the musicians—that makes your wedding ceremony even more meaningful.

Know how much ceremony music you need/want.

Every wedding is unique; the amount of songs vary but we can talk in generalities. Typically, your ceremony music consists of prelude, processional, and recessional music, and any interlude songs that are played during special moments during the ceremony (lighting a unity candle, etc.).

  • Prelude music is soft background music played as guests enter and are seated.
  • As the wedding party enters, there are usually two songs played during the processional. The second processional song is a more joyous song signifying the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle.
  • During the recessional, a louder song is played as the bride and groom exits followed by softer music as the guests leave (called postlude music).

If you’re holding the wedding in a religious setting, ask about ceremony music restrictions.

Don’t wait to do this important step; ask first so you can avoid heartache later. Talk to the coordinator at your ceremony venue, or discuss any limitations with your officiant. If your service is in a church, synagogue, or temple, ask about hymns or traditional religious music that was played at other weddings.

Consider your ceremony setting.

The amount of, type, and kind of ceremony musicians you hire depends on a lot of different factors. If your wedding ceremony is outside, you may need more musicians to ensure that you have adequate volume. For a small, intimate, interior ceremony setting, a quartet may be overwhelming—and, from a practical standpoint, there may not be adequate room for your musicians. If you are unsure, contact a professional who can select the right professional musician or musicians appropriate for your wedding and coordinate all the details.

Your music is your choice.

Don’t feel limited by traditional songs. For example, just because your mother walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D doesn’t mean you have to do the same. We found this list of songs to work from; don’t be afraid to ask an entertainment agent for quality musician and song suggestions (they can draw on their experience to make modern, contemporary or traditional recommendations for music). Good musicians have the experience and skill to play a variety of songs that you choose.

Don’t hire amateur musicians.

You don’t want just any hack musician setting the mood for your special day. This is the time when you are committing to your wedding partner formally, and you shouldn’t have to settle for amateur musicians who haven’t touched an instrument since grade school. Instead of relying on a ‘friend of a friend’ who may or may not have the skills to play at your ceremony (do you know for sure?), contact an entertainment agent who can choose skilled professionals perfect for your ceremony, venue, and budget.