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20+ Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding

wedding entertainersIf you’re a couple looking to plan a wedding like no other, it’s all about creating a spectacular atmosphere.  From the food to the entertainment, your wedding needs to scream Mardi Gras, tropical getaway, a day back in the 20’s (or your favorite era), an elaborate performance—whatever your theme, make it a magical evening.

Entertainers can be the key to a magical evening—especially unique acts that no one expects.  We’ve started a list to get you started, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the right entertainers to fit your special night and unique wedding theme. 

  1. Magician
  2. Wedding painter
  3. Mariachi band
  4. String quartet
  5. Dueling pianos
  6. Steel drum band
  7. Vintage servers
  8. Jazz trio
  9. Soul band
  10. Country band
  11. Dance instructor
  12. Acoustic group
  13. Orchestra
  14. Vintage band (that can play popular tunes from the era of your themed wedding)
  15. Swinging orchestra
  16. Celebrity impersonators (from the era of your wedding)
  17. Tribute Acts
  18. Reggae band
  19. Carnival (perfect for carnival-themed wedding)
  20. Showgirls
  21. Jugglers (for fair-themed wedding)

If you want more ideas for wedding entertainers, contact us.  We have the experience to find the right entertainers—and coordinate all the details to make it a memorable evening your guests’ll talk about for years.

6 Ideas for Kid Wedding Entertainment

group of happy child outdoor having fun with kid wedding entertainmentFrom choosing your wedding venue to planning your dinner menu, you do your best to plan your special day that exudes who you are as a couple—and suits your guests’ needs. But what about your youngest wedding invitees? As you plan your outdoor summer picnic wedding or indoor reception, don’t forget to think about the needs of the toddlers, kids, and tweens attending your special day by planning kid-friendly wedding entertainment.

Face Painter

Consider hiring a professional face painter who can also give you a live event painting of your special day. Make sure your photographer knows that you’ve hired a face painter, so they can get memorable pictures of your painted youngest guests.


children's entertainerWhile the rest of your guests are enjoying your delicious wedding dinner and cake, entertain your antsy young guests with some juggling fun coordinated by an experienced, professional juggler. Another option is to set a kid entertainment zone in another room after your wedding ceremony or during your reception.

Yard Games

For afternoon fun, set up an area at your wedding with yard games for toddlers, kids and tweens (you may even find the adults join in!). Consider a sac race, rent a bounce house, or get them going with games of Frisbee or bean bag toss. If your venue has a baseball field or playground, or you are including messier games, such as an egg race, in your list of yard games, let your guests know there may be some rowdy and messy fun on your online and printed invitations. The parents of your youngest guests will thank you later.

Hay ride

If you are holding a rustic barn wedding, a hay ride is a natural part of your wedding entertainment. Make sure you have discussed liability or insurance if needed before your wedding day to make sure you and your guests are covered, then enjoy the fun of your rustic wedding entertainment.

Coloring tables

At the very least, set out coloring pads and crayons at the tables where kids are going to be seated. If you have picnic tables, get a roll of craft paper and let your young guests create a fun table runner while they wait for dinner. If you think they’ll have more time, create a small craft table with stickers and other easy crafts that’ll keep kids occupied.


Bring the magic of your special day to the little ones attending your wedding day. Hire a professional magician to ensure that the kids have a great time and aren’t heckling (or getting into mischief!) at your wedding.

To plan the perfect entertainment that makes your wedding day perfect for you and all your guests, contact an experienced entertainment agent that can schedule entertainment that keeps even your youngest guests happy.

Event Planning Checklist & Tips from the Pros

event entertainersEvery event is different, we can tell you that; we’ve planned corporate events and booked entertainment for every type of party, and every company holiday party, corporate event, anniversary party—every event was its own with unique and different details. At the end of the day, however, the basic elements of every event are the same; the direction you take while planning (or the direction you give your event planner) is going to give your event that unique, over-the-top feel you’re going for. So where do you get started with planning? You can start by using this basic checklist, and customizing it into your own, unique event:

Budget. Your budget is a key detail in every step of your event planning process, and a question you’ll find every vendor asks about. Break down your budget into categories, such as venue, décor, etc., and create a budget tracking system that you can utilize easily throughout the process. Though many would see budget-tracking as a process exclusively for corporate events, even private parties can benefit from an expense tracking system.

Date. If you do not have a confirmed date, choose several possible dates that work, and contact venues to see what date are available. Make sure your date is suitable for your audience, and set with maximum attendance in mind. The perfect on the wrong date is a recipe for disaster.

Venue & location. Choose a venue that fits the formality of your occasion and budget, and has ample space for your guests. If you need a venue that needs to fit multiple functions (tradeshow, dance, dinner, cocktail hour, etc.), map out the different halls and areas before you make a formal confirmation.

Theme. A party without a theme is an event without direction. Obviously for large corporate events, you don’t want to get too “themey,” but you can choose a color scheme for your event details. Use your theme or color scheme to plan your refreshments, decorations and entertainment, even if you use it in subtle ways.

Food. If your event includes meals, cocktails or hors d’oeuvre, find a venue or caterer that can provide the appropriate refreshments that fit your budget. Keep your audience and theme in mind. For example, a corporate crowd is going to expect a much different meal than guests at a wedding.

Decorations. Choose decorations that fit the theme or color scheme, and the occasion. Make sure you check with the venue if you want to put up decorations that attach to the wall or ceiling. Many venues have specific guidelines for decorations. If you can’t hang decorations, consider décor like table centerpieces and lighting. If it’s lighting you wish, check with your entertainers or an audiovisual company lighting that sets the mood of your event.

Entertainment. There are very, very few events that don’t require entertainment. You don’t have to be in the midst of planning a rockin’ party to need entertainment; we’ve secured entertainers for corporate events, grand openings, etc. If you want to locate the right entertainers for the occasion, contact an entertainment agent. An entertainment agent can handle all your entertainment details, saving you time and matching you with entertainment that fits your guests’ demographic. With one call, the entertainment agent can book all the acts you need and handle all the details that come with hiring entertainers. They’ve also seen what works and doesn’t work, and good entertainment agents only hire the best entertainers for your unique event.

10 Wedding Planning Tips That Make Your Wedding Day (especially entertainment!) Run Smoother

wedding planning tips
Looking for a different kind of wedding entertainment? Wedding painter Trish Page can add an a unique touch to your special day.

Planning a wedding can seem like a huge undertaking, and in all reality, it is. However, it’s also a manageable process that can be accomplished—without too much stress—if you are good at taking advice. No, we’re not talking about your grandmother’s advice for your honeymoon (shudder, shudder). We’re talking about tips that get the intended results: a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception that you and your spouse remember forever. And while you’ll find article after article on the web about wedding tips, here’s our two cents—tips from entertainment agents who have been part of the wedding planning process for a wedding, or two, or 10, or, well, many more than we care to admit.

  • Set a budget. Your budget is a key detail in every step of your wedding planning process, and a question you’ll find every vendor asks about. Sit down with your fiancé and any family members or friends who have expressed interest in giving you financial gifts for your special day. Making sure everyone is on the same page financially can eliminate hassles, and drama, as you progress through the wedding planning process.
  • Know how much of the wedding planning you can take on. There is no shame or blame in asking for help. Wedding planning is a process, and can be an intimidating process for anyone. If you’re overwhelmed, consider hiring a wedding planner or entertainment agent (or both) to coordinate and finalize all the details that come with your wedding.
  • Call an entertainment agent. Choosing wedding entertainment is so much more than making the decision to hire a band or DJ. You have to choose the right wedding entertainment that fits your theme and is quality and appropriate for your guests. An entertainment agent can also make recommendations for ceremony music, suggest unique entertainers that set your wedding apart, and take care of all the small and last-minute details you don’t have time for.
  • Don’t procrastinate. To borrow an old saying, “the early bird gets the worm.” The prompt couple also gets the caterer of their choice, the best bands and entertainers, and the in-demand venue. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Appoint ‘helpers’ for your wedding day and give them jobs. It is VERY helpful to have many hands at your disposal on your wedding day. Ask for their assistance, and, if they accept, give them in-depth details of what needs to be done. Don’t feel like you need to be in charge of it all, and that you need to put out every fire. Ask friends or family you trust to help getting family members to photos, assisting with babysitting (if needed) during the festivities, passing out payments to vendors (make sure you choose a trusted friend or family member for this task) and any other small details that need to be done on your ewdding day.
  • Put all payments in envelopes the week before your wedding day. If you still owe vendors payment, put the money in envelopes a week before the wedding day. Label each envelope and put them together in a bag so you’re ready. This simple step saves you the time of writing out check after check or pulling out your credit card repeatedly—which takes you away from the fun and festivities.
  • Coordinate and confirm as many details in advance. Don’t think you’ll have time to talk to your band about your favorite dance songs, or you can call your caterer with last minute changes the morning of your wedding. Follow up with your vendors well before your wedding date to confirm, and discuss any preferences you have.
  • Make a plan and give it to your attendants in advance. Once you’ve conferred with all your vendors, such as your entertainment agent, put the schedule for your wedding day (and day before and after) into a schedule and share it. Whether you have two or 20 attendants, give your bridesmaids, ushers, groomsmen and other ring bearers a detailed schedule of where and what times you need them—in person, if possible. Don’t rely on random texts or other people.
  • Have an emergency kit for ANYTHING that could come up. Pack extra cosmetics, a sewing kit, umbrellas—anything you think could come up on your wedding day. Go through your day in your mind, and picture all the worst case scenarios and what you can do to fix the problem.
  • Don’t be afraid to lean on experience. If you need assistance while wedding planning, turn to people with experience. For example, if you don’t know where to start locating and hiring entertainers for your wedding, hire an experienced entertainment agent for recommendations, to set a entertainment schedule for your wedding day and to finalize all the details of your wedding entertainment. Also don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for recommendations for other vendors; entertainment agents know florists that do a beautiful job, and caterers are familiar with local venues that fit your vision. Or, if you want to consolidate and simplify the process, hire a wedding planner. Together, you and your wedding planner or entertainment agent can produce a beautiful wedding day that speaks to who you are as a couple.

5 Wedding Entertainment Mistakes To Avoid

You’re engaged. Congratulations! If you’re like most couples, the wedding planning begins almost immediately; reserving the right wedding venue, hiring a caterer for the wedding dinner, booking the right entertainers for your wedding ceremony music, reception music and wedding entertainment. It’s a lot to take on with no room for failure; your big day needs to make a BIG impact and leave you—and your guests—with memories that last well beyond the wedding day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the biggest wedding entertainment faux pas that we’ve seen from brides and grooms over the years:

  1. Thinking you have to do it all: selecting, booking and confirming your wedding musicians. A typical wedding requires a lot of entertainment and entertainers, adding another level of work to your already busy wedding planning schedule. Consider hiring a booking agent for several good reasons, most notably as a time-saver. A booking agent can locate the right, quality entertainers for your wedding, and handle any needs the entertainers might have—decreasing your wedding planning workload and ensuring that your guests enjoy your wedding.
  2. Choosing the cheapest entertainers. You don’t want just any hack musician setting the mood for your special day. This is the time when you are committing to your wedding partner formally, and you shouldn’t have to settle for amateur musicians who haven’t touched an instrument since grade school or an inexperienced musician who has never played at a wedding before. Do your research when selecting string quartets, orchestras, bands and any other wedding entertainers for your event, or contact a booking agent familiar with local wedding entertainers.
  3. Putting too many songs on your ‘must play’ list. Be realistic when compiling a list of special songs for your wedding day, and be open to recommendations from your band. You don’t want to give your band a list of wedding songs that they can’t play, too many songs for a typical wedding reception or not enough time for them to play their best songs that your guests enjoy.
  4. Not listening to the voice of experience. Be open to advice from your wedding planner, wedding venue consultant or booking agent. You’ve hired these wedding professionals for their experience; listen to them when setting a schedule, wedding entertainment line-up and placement. Remember, they are trying to make your vision a reality and work for you; now you need to rely on their experience for wedding entertainment success.
  5. Not booking wedding entertainment until the last minute. Booking your wedding entertainment should be done as early as possible, right after you have your wedding venue reserved. Quality wedding entertainers’ calendars fill up early, so don’t procrastinate when calling a booking agent or band.

If you have any questions about wedding entertainment, contact an experienced booking agent. We’ve got 25 plus years of experience with event planning and wedding entertainment, and can assist with selecting entertainment for any size wedding, any style, at almost any venue.

Must-Have Musicians for Your Wedding Ceremony

You don’t want just any hack musician setting the mood for your special day. With months (or even years) of wedding planning, you want your wedding ceremony to be perfect. This is the time when you are committing to your wedding partner formally, and you shouldn’t have to settle for amateur musicians who haven’t touched an instrument since grade school. So how do you find the ‘must-have’ professional musicians that can make your Chicagoland wedding ceremony wonderful?

Contact a pro. Experienced booking agents are the key to finding the right musicians for your wedding ceremony. A good booking agent has located the right musicians that fit every couple’s wedding style and acknowledge that wedding ceremony musicians are not a ‘one size fits all’ endeavor. They ask questions about the demographic of guests, size of the wedding venue, style of the wedding and couple—and can pair a couple with the right musician or musicians (depending on the size of wedding and wedding venue) for their wedding ceremony. Here are a few examples of kinds of musicians that may be the right fit for a wedding ceremony:

  • Orchestra.
  • Pianists.
  • String instrumentalists (violin, viola, etc.).
  • Harpists.
  • Sax player(s).
  • Band.

Once the type of musician or musicians is selected for the wedding ceremony, a good booking agent takes the search for the professional wedding ceremony musician to the next level. They know who the best of the best wedding ceremony musicians are in Chicago, and can easily book the musicians and coordinate all the details so the couple doesn’t have to. They can also satisfy unique requests for wedding ceremony musicians such as steel drum bands, rock bands or mariachi bands. Whatever the couple’s style, a good booking agent knows who to contact, and can take over all the entertainment details for the couple.

While it might be tempting to book your cousin’s best friend, or the really cheap and unreliable friend who hasn’t picked up an instrument for years, honor your partner and special day by trusting a professional. An experienced booking agent makes that special time of “I dos” spectacular by knowing the in-demand, must-have musicians who are reliable, professional, talented, appropriate—every descriptive word you’d use to describe your ideal wedding ceremony musicians.

Why should I use a booking agent for event entertainment?

NICEAwards-C068.JPG MR_240_161
Contact one of the top booking agents in Chicago for your event.

With the internet and mobile technology, it seems everyone is looking for shortcuts to achieve results—even for locating entertainers for their wedding, fundraisers, galas and company parties. In the world of event planning, they want memorable entertainment that wow guests and they want it quickly and easily. The answer is a booking agent. Why? Why would you want to use a booking agent for your corporate events, weddings, festivals, fundraisers and galas?

  • It’s convenient. With just a short conversation, you can give them information about your event and guests. They use their extensive experience to coordinate entertainers, and all the details, that make your event memorable.
  • They think about you and your guests. An experienced booking agent can match you with entertainment that fits your guests’ demographic. Your booking agent can connect you with the entertainer suitable for the age group of your crowd, creating a wonderful atmosphere with entertainment appropriate to their tastes.
  • Your booking agent can select characters and entertainers that take it over the top. You only have to make one call, and the booking agent can book all the acts you need and handle all the details that come with hiring entertainers. They’ve also seen what works and doesn’t work, and good booking agents only hire the best entertainers for your wedding, company holiday party, fundraiser, etc.

The best part: hiring a booking agent won’t take long. They won’t take up any more of your time than needed, while still getting the vital information they need to find the entertainer(s) that fit your event and crowd. Remember, these are professional booking agents with years of experience. They won’t waste your time, just use every second of the conversation to match you with quality entertainment. Speaking of wasting time, don’t waste your time trying to take on the entertainment for your event yourself. Contact a booking agent today, one of the top agents in the Chicago area with years of experience.

All the Answers to Your Wedding Entertainment Questions

home_splash_croppedWhat entertainers are appropriate and available for our wedding?

Your style as a couple is unique. It’s your own—classic, elegant, vintage, fun, “out of the box.” That’s when it’s invaluable to turn to a talent agent with a diverse portfolio of entertainers suitable for your unique wedding. A talent agent can capture your style as a couple with your wedding entertainment, and find acts and entertainers that fit with your unique theme. An experienced agent can also ensure your wedding entertainment matches the demographic of your guests and your wedding schedule. Most importantly, a talent agent can make your wedding day a memorable event that your guests always remember with your unique wedding entertainment. Want some ideas of entertainment for your wedding? Check out our recent posts about classic entertainment acts for your wedding, and unique wedding entertainment ideas.

Truthfully, there are a lot of entertainment options for your holiday party. Working with an entertainment agency is a convenient way to find the best entertainers that fit your wedding, and reserve many acts (ceremony music, dinner music, reception acts) and entertainers for your party with one phone call.

How can I find a quality entertainment agency?

Anyone can grab a cell phone and call themselves an agent. Be selective. Choose an entertainment agency with years of experience in the entertainment field with a full lineup of entertainers that fit your wedding.

When should I book entertainment for my holiday party?

The answer is as soon as possible. Entertainers in high demand are reserved early, so if you want a specific entertainer for your party, the earlier the better.

Do I need to reserve my venue before the entertainment?

Yes! You need an exact date and location before contacting an entertainment agency. If you have a theme but don’t know what kind of entertainers you need, an entertainment agent can make recommendations for entertainers appropriate for your theme.

Have any more questions? Contact us. With over 25 years of experience, we can bring your ideas to life and answer any questions you might have.

5 Entertainment Acts for Your Wedding

banner1You’ve got all the major wedding planning details confirmed…beautiful dress, breath-taking flowers, a Chicagoland wedding venue that is sure to inspire. What about the wedding ceremony music? Do you have any ideas on what wedding entertainment can set the perfect mood for your guests?

Don’t stress, and don’t feel you are alone. Wedding entertainment—the ceremony music, dinner music and reception entertainment—is one of the most important parts of your wedding, and yet one that many couples don’t feel qualified to select. The answer: if you don’t know what works, don’t.  Don’t feel you need to choose a wedding act. Instead, consult the professionals. With years of experience, a talent agent can recommend, and finalize, all your wedding entertainment, including acts like:

  • String quartet for ceremony music (or dinner entertainment). Want an elegant touch to your ceremony or wedding dinner? A string quartet (or full orchestra) may seem like a dime a dozen, but the wrong string quartet is a recipe for wedding disaster. Contact a talent agent about finding the right string quartet for your wedding.
  • Pianist. Need a professional pianist and don’t know where to turn? Don’t just guess that your grandma’s mother’s sister’s cousin can play those special songs for your wedding. Know that they can by hiring a professional that you can hear before your ceremony.
  • Dueling pianos. Want a unique form of live wedding entertainment? Hire one of the hottest forms of entertainment today that your guests talk about for years to come.
  • Violins. Not all violinists are created equal, and not every violin act is appropriate for your wedding. Talk to a talent agent who asks questions about your wedding day, and can recommend acts that they’ve seen—-acts they know fit your wedding theme and style.
  • Steel drum band. Though this is not the wedding entertainment act that immediately comes to mind, a steel drum band can transport your guests back to the islands where you met or give your Chicago wedding that destination feel even in the middle of winter. Don’t waste your time trying to find the steel drum band from among thousands of Chicago entertainers. Contact a talent agent who can locate and book the steel drum band that can warm up your guests.

Just like you are selective about the wedding entertainment you want on your big day, use caution when selecting the talent agent that can find the right act for your wedding. Choose a talent agent with experience, and a huge portfolio of acts that fit your crowd, your unique “out of the box” theme and the knowledge to choose the right acts for your wedding at the budget you can afford. So keep checking off those wedding planning details off your list. Contact a talent agent that can connect with you with the perfect wedding entertainment today.

5 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

home_splash1When your dream wedding theme is as unique as the two of you are, or when you want to host a destination wedding at home in Chicago, it’s time to think “out of the box” for your wedding entertainment. That’s when it’s invaluable to turn to a talent agent with a diverse portfolio of entertainers suitable for your unique theme. A talent agent can capture your style as a couple with your wedding entertainment, and find acts and entertainers that fit with your unique theme. An experienced agent can also ensure your wedding entertainment matches the demographic of your guests and your wedding schedule. Most importantly, a talent agent can make your wedding day a memorable event that your guests always remember with your unique wedding entertainment:

Mariachi Band. Having a taco bar? Or want to have a local Chicago wedding that plays up the day you met in Mexico? Hire a mariachi band to perform dinner music or entertainment for your reception.

Carolers. If you are planning a holiday wedding, play up the theme at your dinner or reception with carolers to set the atmosphere. Complete the theme with velvet, snowflakes and a sparkle that reminds your guests of a new snowfall.

Piano player or dueling pianos. Want a soft kind of music that allows your guests to chat? Or do you want a piano player for your ceremony and a fun form of entertainment for afterward? Consider a piano player(s) for your ceremony music and wedding entertainment.

Vintage sound of a Motown or classic rock band. If your decorations and wedding apparel have a vintage flair, hire a band that fits the era you and your partner love. Play up your vintage theme with a Motown or classic rock band sound that keeps your guests groovin’ all night long.

Caribbean sound for a destination wedding at home. Are you holding a reception at home to celebrate your destination wedding? Or are you hosting a wedding with a Caribbean flair? Hire the Caribbean band that makes your wedding feel like a destination wedding, such as a steel drum band, without the inconvenience of cleaning off your toes from sand.

If any of these bands fit your unique style, or you have an even more unique need for your live entertainment, don’t procrastinate. Contact a talent agent today so you can ensure that book the right entertainer before someone else does.