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5 FUN Wedding Themes (& the Entertainers to Go With Them)

champagne glass with mardi gras themed ideasUsing a wedding theme to guide your wedding planning is either totally your thing or totally NOT your thing; there’s really no in between.  There are some perks to planning your wedding around a central theme, however; it gives you a basis for connecting all the details of your wedding into an awesome atmosphere—from the food to the entertainment. Here are some wedding theme ideas that you can inspire your wedding planning (and the entertainers that can take your event over-the-top).  Of course, your wedding is your personalized take on any theme, so make sure you contact a pro to match your wedding with the right entertainment that makes your theme totally you.


What: A beach theme can be whatever you want it to be: a casual khaki and sundress affair or a formal wedding with elegant beach details.

Theme ideas: Shell-covered letters, sand and flower centerpieces, sand dollar and sea star accents, lanterns, shells in bouquets

Entertainment ideas: Tropical band, Steel drum entertainers, Bands that can play beach tunes (think Jimmy Buffet & Beach Boys)

Mardi Gras

event entertainers Mardi Gras entertainersWhat: If you want a party, this is your wedding theme.  Make your guests feel like they are attending the ultimate Bourbon Street party a little closer to home.

Theme ideas: Masks, feathers, centerpieces with beads and candles, jambalaya, gumbo, king cake

Entertainment ideas: Show girls, jazz bands, parade entertainers

Country Fair

What: Give your guests a day at the fair—with all their favorite foods and entertainment that comes with it.

Theme ideas: Games, popcorn stand, balloons, family-style tables or picnic benches, cotton candy

Entertainment ideas: Yard games, fair entertainers, cover band that’ll give your wedding a BIG ending

Roaring 20’s

gangster and flapper entertainersWhat: Match your vintage theme to a fun era.  Your guests’ll feel like they stepped back in time to a roaring party at your wedding.

Theme ideas: Old automobile, hairpieces, feathers, pearls, beads

Entertainment ideas: Retro jazz bands, flappers, gangsters


What: Get those images of square dances out of your head.  Today country weddings can be as elegant or as country chic as you plan.

Theme ideas: Rustic venue, crates (& aged wood), chalkboard signs, strands of shining lights, flowers

Entertainment ideas: Country band, yard games

5 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

home_splash1When your dream wedding theme is as unique as the two of you are, or when you want to host a destination wedding at home in Chicago, it’s time to think “out of the box” for your wedding entertainment. That’s when it’s invaluable to turn to a talent agent with a diverse portfolio of entertainers suitable for your unique theme. A talent agent can capture your style as a couple with your wedding entertainment, and find acts and entertainers that fit with your unique theme. An experienced agent can also ensure your wedding entertainment matches the demographic of your guests and your wedding schedule. Most importantly, a talent agent can make your wedding day a memorable event that your guests always remember with your unique wedding entertainment:

Mariachi Band. Having a taco bar? Or want to have a local Chicago wedding that plays up the day you met in Mexico? Hire a mariachi band to perform dinner music or entertainment for your reception.

Carolers. If you are planning a holiday wedding, play up the theme at your dinner or reception with carolers to set the atmosphere. Complete the theme with velvet, snowflakes and a sparkle that reminds your guests of a new snowfall.

Piano player or dueling pianos. Want a soft kind of music that allows your guests to chat? Or do you want a piano player for your ceremony and a fun form of entertainment for afterward? Consider a piano player(s) for your ceremony music and wedding entertainment.

Vintage sound of a Motown or classic rock band. If your decorations and wedding apparel have a vintage flair, hire a band that fits the era you and your partner love. Play up your vintage theme with a Motown or classic rock band sound that keeps your guests groovin’ all night long.

Caribbean sound for a destination wedding at home. Are you holding a reception at home to celebrate your destination wedding? Or are you hosting a wedding with a Caribbean flair? Hire the Caribbean band that makes your wedding feel like a destination wedding, such as a steel drum band, without the inconvenience of cleaning off your toes from sand.

If any of these bands fit your unique style, or you have an even more unique need for your live entertainment, don’t procrastinate. Contact a talent agent today so you can ensure that book the right entertainer before someone else does.