7 Entertaining Corporate Holiday Party Themes

employees at holiday party enjoying corporate holiday party themeEvery company holiday party is different, but there is a commonality among the successful holiday office gathering and corporate holiday event: direction. A corporate holiday party theme provides just that, guiding the decisions for almost every corporate holiday party detail. We’ve listed several corporate holiday party themes, along with the holiday party ideas that make these company holiday gatherings festive—and the entertainers that make them memorable (and a frequent topic of conversation around the water cooler!).

Ye Old Christmas

A classic holiday party should embody all the tastes, scents, and décor of a traditional holiday. Think gingerbread, cranberries, ice skates, and all those cozy and old-time holiday associations. The exact décor and entertainers depend on the audience demographic and desired event atmosphere (contact an entertainment pro to choose the right entertainer for the holiday event).

Entertainers: Home for the Holidays show, Carolers, Toy Soldiers, Father Christmas

Tropical Christmas

A tropical holiday theme warms guests up in spite of the cold Midwestern winter. In addition to a warm and welcoming venue, tropical theme details should make the holiday party feel like a day in a tropical paradise. To that end, tropical beverages, cuisine, and décor are a vital part of establishing a holiday party paradise. Contact an entertainment pro that can select the right high-quality corporate holiday party entertainment to complete the formula.

Entertainers: Steel drum band, Mariachi band, Reggae band

Winter Wonderland

With a Winter Wonderland theme, bring the beauty of an ice-cold winter day indoors (without subjecting guests to the freezing Midwestern temperatures). This beautiful corporate holiday party theme can be brought to life with snow-colored décor (and even a hint of shine like the snow of a bright day, if that is your desired atmosphere), strategic lighting, and all the tastes that warm up a cold winter day. For a twist, a Winter Wonderland can be altered to a Blue Christmas holiday party theme with blue décor and beautiful lighting.

Entertainers: Carolers, Home for the Holidays show, Father Christmas, Atmospheric musicians, Bands

Holiday Movie

Themed parties centered around a favorite holiday movie are a holiday party guest favorite. Use the primary guest demographic to determine the right holiday movie for the event. From there, choose the right entertainment, food, and décor that makes the movie a holiday classic.

Entertainers: Grinch, Scrooge, Celebrity Impersonators, Home for the Holidays show

Santa’s Workshop

A Santa-themed event deserves a venue with all the details that guests picture at the North Pole—plus Kris Kringle himself. Pack the corporate holiday menu with festive treats and activities that guests flock to, including a visit by the Santa Claus. If gifts are a part of the corporate holiday program, make sure to have elves on hand that make the delivery a jolly holiday memory.

Entertainers: Father Christmas, Elves, Carolers, Toy Soldiers, Musicians

Holiday Ball

A holiday ball should be a grand corporate holiday event, complete with the multi-course dinner, décor, and atmosphere completely fitting of a formal reception. Picture an elegant venue with an over-the-top holiday atmosphere. Treat guests to a hearty holiday menu that is fitting of a sophisticated palate, a formal reception with lighting and stylish décor, and the entertainment that ties it all together.

Entertainers: Aerialists, Carolers, Atmospheric musicians, Bands

Around-the-World Holidays

This corporate holiday party theme celebrates the holidays with all the event details from holidays around the globe. From the moment guests walk in the door, create a holiday party atmosphere that transports guests to another place with international tastes, décor, and performers.

Entertainers: Steel drum band, Mariachi Band, Reggae Band, International Performers

10 Fun Family-Friendly Company Holiday Party Ideas

girl with holiday face painting on cheek at holiday partyNothing shows employee appreciation like a company holiday party planned specifically for staff and their families. Nothing captures their attention and instills the wonder of the holiday season like these family-friendly company holiday party ideas.


Holiday elves are a company holiday party favorite for every member of the family, especially to younger guests. Elves can also play an integral role in the execution of a company holiday party family program, such as by delivering gifts, assisting Father Christmas, or helping guests with another activity.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas entertainer for office holiday partiesAn employee plus family holiday party isn’t complete without a visit from one of the most infamous holiday characters of all time. Just the mention of Father Christmas or Santa Claus can also serve as a draw for employees and their family who flock to the chance for some time on Santa’s lap. Contact an entertainment agent to hire the best Santa that guests love.

Face Painters

Face painters are a sure-fire way to please a crowd; it’s also a fun holiday party favor for guests, who are going to be busy taking photos and heading out the door with beautiful face art. To leave employees and their families with a wonderful sentiment, hire a quality face painter who does quality work that everyone can be proud to wear.


holiday party carolers in chicago ILIt’s hard to venture out during the holiday season without hearing carols; recreate that atmosphere at a company holiday party by adding carolers to the holiday party entertainment line-up. Carolers are also incredibly versatile, either as wonderful background music during meal times or as main stage entertainers that put your employees and their families in the holiday spirit.

Toy Soldiers

A life-size version of a popular holiday toy is integral to creating a sense of holiday wonder. A toy soldier or gingerbread man can do just that, creating a whimsical holiday atmosphere to a family holiday party.


toy soldier at holiday eventThe magic of the season shines through with a quality magician. The best magicians can customize their act specifically to the occasion (and the season). Use a magician to entertain the whole family or to occupy younger guests while their parents mingle (or ask us for other ways to incorporate a magician into an employee family holiday party).


Jugglers are a source of fun any season—and a unique addition to any company holiday party entertainment line-up. These entertainers are a great way to ensure that kids at the party enjoy themselves—and their parents can appreciate the gesture.

Mariachi Band

child with balloon sculpture that makes him look like santa clausA mariachi band is the perfect fit for an employee family holiday party with an international theme. A quality mariachi band is a unique entertainment that employees (and their families) are going to talk about well after the holiday season is over.


Bring the holiday season to life with a family holiday character that guests of all ages recognize and appreciate. Contact an entertainment agent who can make any well-known holiday tale a part of a memorable company holiday party.

Balloon Entertainer

Balloon entertainers are a one-of-a-kind holiday party entertainer, producing unique balloon sculptures that every guest—both young and old—can appreciate.

20+ Fall Festival Entertainment Ideas

child with spider face paintingFall festival entertainment should be described in a lot of ways: fun, exciting, never-ending—especially since the success of a fall festival is almost entirely dependent on the entertainers. A harvest festival should be an enjoyable experience for everyone in the family, from the youngest to the most experienced family member. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fall festival entertainment ideas that’s sure to please everyone in attendance.

As you plan a fall festival, keep in mind that harvest festival entertainment should be more than a half-effort. To ensure the success of the event—and makes them want to come back—all fall festival entertainers should be high-quality and reliable. To ensure both of the latter, contact an entertainment agent for the best live harvest festival entertainers perfect for a fall event.

  1. Face painting
  2. Apple bobbing (or grabbing with a utensil)
  3. Magic show
  4. Playground
  5. Corn maze
  6. Pumpkin painting
  7. Wagon rides
  8. Bounce house
  9. Bingo
  10. Story readers
  11. Haunted attraction
  12. Musicians
  13. Caricature artist
  14. Glow-in-the-dark artists
  15. Photo booth
  16. Hay bale maze (or obstacle course)
  17. Night movie
  18. Costume party
  19. Pumpkin bowling
  20. Bean bag toss
  21. Ring toss
  22. Sand (or corn) box

Fall Event Entertainment Ideas That’ll Leave Your Guests In Awe

child with face painting of pumpkin at fall eventBeautiful fall scenery. Changing leaves. Cool autumn weather. Caramel apples. Fall is a unique season full of seasonal associations and temperatures that practically scream autumn events. For those of us in the Midwest, it’s also the chance to celebrate the great weather before the snow falls.

That’s why we put together a list of fall event entertainment ideas that can take your event to a new level. Don’t forget to pair your fall event with marketing that reaches the event audience and boosts attendance.

Fall Festival

A fall festival is a family event that should include every taste and seasonal activity. For a harvest festival, find fun ways to incorporate items from the field into the festival schedule, such as pumpkin painting or an apple bobbing game. If you are trying to attract a large crowd, give your guests an upscale entertainment line-up that awes and impresses.

Entertainment Ideas: Face painting, Magicians, Jugglers, Pumpkin Painting, Corn Maze, Apple Bobbing, Wagon Rides, Bounce House, Bingo, Kid-friendly Musicians, Puppet Shows, Story Readers

Haunted House/Halloween Event

halloween event entertainer with pumpkin head and orange suitThe success of any Halloween event hinges upon the quality of entertainers; put simply, your guests aren’t going to be satisfied with anything but the best (translation: most scary) experience. Don’t settle for any less than high-quality Halloween entertainment; contact an entertainment agent to connect with high-quality and reliable Halloween entertainers. Remember, too, that for these kind of events, atmospheric entertainment can reinforce and enhance the desired atmosphere.

Entertainment Ideas: Murder Mystery, Bands, Fortune Tellers, Human Statues, Atmospheric Entertainers

Adult-Only Fall Fundraisers

A wine or beer tasting or a fall gala is a premier event that should live up to the title. Because there is so much on the line (such as the event bottom line), special care should be taken when choosing the fundraiser entertainment. Fundraiser guests expect the best; it’s your job to deliver gala entertainment they’ll fall in love with.

Entertainment Ideas: Orchestra (any size), Acoustic Entertainers, Band, Acrobatic Entertainers, Hypnotists, Magicians, Caricature Artists (fundraising idea), Glow-in-the-dark Entertainers

Family Fall Fundraisers

aerialist at event hanging from ceilingA family fundraising event is an opportunity to raise awareness and get the whole family involved in a good cause. Cater to all their interests, both for refreshment (i.e. caramel apples, apple cider, hot cocoa) and entertainment. As tempting as it might be, allocate funds in the event budget for professionals to deliver the most significant activities that families enjoy; a pleasant experience is a valuable part of any fundraising effort.

Entertainment Ideas: Band, Face painting, Magicians, Jugglers, Carnival Entertainers, Pumpkin Decorating, Wagon Rides, Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Family Walk/Run

7 Freaky (and Fun!) Halloween Wedding Entertainment Ideas

A Halloween wedding can be whatever you want it to be: fun, scary, or purely entertaining. Whatever your choice, your Halloween wedding décor is going to need plenty of back-up to give your big day the feel you’re trying to achieve.

Human Statues

Human statues are the perfect Halloween wedding entertainers; they reinforce the atmosphere—especially when strategically interwoven into the evening’s schedule. Contact an entertainment agent to get high-quality human statues and get the expertise that places these unusual entertainers into the best location and time. Human statues can be positioned outside the wedding venue, around the serving line, or in any other place that leaves your guests anticipating what’s coming next.

Murder Mystery Show

child with spider face paintingA murder mystery show is an unexpected main stage act that’ll grab and hold your guests’ attention. When the curtain has set on your Halloween wedding, your guests’ll talk about how much fun they had at the wedding reception long after the mystery is solved.

Face Painters

If you want to create an all-encompassing Halloween wedding atmosphere, include your guests in on the fun. Hire the highest-quality face painters to fulfill their requests and become part of the Halloween wedding festivities.

Atmosphere entertainers

Wedding guests love surprises. A hidden actor is the perfect Halloween surprise that’ll keep your guests looking over their shoulder for the next Halloween entertainer. For a less frightening surprise, add atmospheric entertainers to the line-up and have them mingle with guests. Make sure you mention the surprise to your wedding photographer so they can capture the moment—and your guests’ interesting expressions.

Interactive Food Stations

halloween entertainer head on the table ready to scare guestsMake your Halloween wedding feel like the best night of trick-or-treat ever. Add interactive food stations, such as a candy apple table, to the wedding reception. Your guests’ll appreciate the Halloween munchies and all the fun that comes with the interactive food stations.

Fortune Tellers

With the right lighting, décor, and high-quality acting, a fortune teller can complete the spooky Halloween atmosphere and become a real conversation starter. Your guests’ll enjoy heading back to the fortune teller to get looks into the future that are more entertaining than any fortune cookie.

Halloween Band

Anyone can find and hire a wedding reception band. However, when every effort has been made to establish an all-encompassing Halloween atmosphere, a regular wedding band just won’t do. Contact an entertainment agent who can find one of the best bands that can deliver an over-the-top Halloween performance that coordinates with every other detail of your Halloween wedding.

10 Outdoor Wedding Entertainment Ideas that Shine

tables at summer wedding decorated and ready for guestsAn outdoor wedding is a chance to capitalize on our warm summer temperatures, but also the chance to create a whimsical affair, an English garden, a country fair, a carnival that entertains for hours and hours. The possibilities are endless.

There are dozens of ways to turn an outdoor wedding into the wedding day of your dreams. Every detail plays into the wedding atmosphere: the venue, wedding menu, décor, and the outdoor wedding entertainment that pulls it all together.


Jugglers are an unexpected surprise—and a versatile one. Jugglers can adapt to any outdoor wedding atmosphere, providing a fun addition to a country fair or a whimsical touch to a garden wedding. For a circus-themed wedding, look for a juggler with a main stage comedy act that keeps your guests (of all ages) in stitches before or after the meal.

fairies at outdoor wedding

Garden Fairies

For a touch of whimsy, add garden fairies to your outdoor wedding entertainment line-up. Professional garden fairies can make your guests feel like they are in the midst of a fairy-tale wedding.


A magical outdoor wedding wouldn’t be the same without a magician to liven up the wedding reception. The right magician can be an atmospheric detail, mingling in with the guests and doing tricks with a custom flair, or a main stage entertainer that brings magic to every moment (or as a child’s entertainer in a special kid zone). For a personalized addition to the wedding reception, hire a professional who can take details about the newlyweds and turn them into a custom act that guests’ll talk long after the wedding.

vintage entertainer serving food

Food Servers

The right food presentation can significantly add to wedding atmosphere, especially when your favorite wedding foods are served by a professional entertainer specifically attired to the theme. Be creative; contact an entertainment agent who can select the right entertainers that fit with the theme.

Face Painters

Guests expect face painters at a country fair, so why not include them in your fair-themed wedding? Face painters are a draw for guests, both young and old. Professional face painters can even customize their designs to the occasion, such as fairy designs for a whimsical garden wedding or animal faces for a circus theme.

stilt walker for outdoor wedding

Stilt walkers

These entertainers tower over a crowd, making guests feel like they are part of an event that is larger than life. Stilt walkers are an awesome addition to a circus-themed wedding, a whimsical or unique event, or a country fair.

Wedding Painter

A wedding painter captures the moment like no one else, as well as your guests’ attention. Hire an entertainer that creates a memento that you can cherish for years to come and use to relive the beauty of your outdoor wedding again and again.

Psychic/Tarot Entertainer

To take outdoor wedding entertainment to the next level, hire a psychic and tarot entertainer who can tell guests’ fortunes and predict their futures. This can be a real conversation starter, giving guests the chance to discuss the news delivered in a more fantastic way than any fortune cookie.

dance group at adult-only company picnic


Hiring dancers for an outdoor wedding can check off many boxes; dancers can create the flash mob that serves as an unforgettable surprise, can play a key part in including your ethnicity in your big day, or can reinforce an atmosphere centered around Mardi Gras or another fantastic festival. When choosing the right dancers, don’t settle for amateurs; contact an entertainment agent to hire high-quality entertainers that can perform authentic dances in the right attire.

Humane statues

Human statues are a unique way to welcome your guests. These entertainers are a memorable way to give your guests a taste of what’s to come. Human statues let your guests know that this is not just another outdoor wedding; your wedding is a distinct occasion to be reveled and enjoyed.

20+ Unique Entertainment Ideas for a Successful Charity Event

aerialist serving drinks at charity eventA successful charity event is an event with an edge; in addition to a large crowd of attendees, there is an element of gratefulness—gratefulness for the charity mission and for a fantastic event experience. The latter can be achieved with a unique atmosphere. The right combination of venue, cuisine, and entertainment draws quite the crowd and produces favorable results.

Once you’ve booked the right venue (use these tips), it’s time to browse through your entertainment options and create a positive atmosphere that aligns with your event goals. Choose unique entertainers that fit the bill; we’ve listed a few possibilities that inspire and entertain.

  1. Aerialists serving drinks
  2. Celebrity impersonator
  3. Caricature artist
  4. Dueling pianos
  5. Game show
  6. Carnivale characters
  7. Ice bar
  8. Performance artists
  9. Holiday carolers
  10. Jugglers
  11. Tarot and Psychic Entertainer
  12. Hypnotist
  13. Roaring 20’s entertainers
  14. Stiltwalkers
  15. Mariachi band
  16. showgirl at elegant gala
  17. Mariachi band
  18. Barbershoppe quartet
  19. Magician
  20. Orchestra
  21. Steel band
  22. Jazz performers
  23. Comedian

To help determine what unique entertainer is the right entertainment for your charity event, contact an entertainment agent to pair the right entertainer with your unique charity event atmosphere.

Hot Tips for a Successful Summer Event

uncle sam on unicycle, a unique entertainer for unique company picnic themeThough summer is the premier time of the year for summer events, we’re not going to mince words about summer: it gets HOT. Our Chicago summers can alternate between pleasant and sweltering. Though it seems like the only weather forecast you need to worry about for your event is rain and thunderstorms, that kind of thinking can’t be farther from the truth. The weather matters to your guests so it should matter to you.

It’s that kind of consideration—and a few other event planning tips—that makes a summer event a success that attendees want to come back to again and again.

Know your audience.

Hopefully, one of the first rules of event planning is at the forefront of the planning process: know your audience. Plan accordingly when choosing entertainment, setting a menu, scheduling activities, and laying out the event.

Cool them down.

If temperatures on the day of the event are closer to sweltering than pleasant, take every precaution to make the event a cool experience for everyone. Use misters and fans as needed at the event; if it is a family event, make the misters and fans a fun activity for the kids. For a more adult-oriented event, use live entertainers to cool down attendees and create a unique atmosphere.


vintage entertainer serving foodA summer event shouldn’t turn into a series of medical emergencies; plan on providing an appropriate amount of hydration for attendees. To turn this necessary event task into a part of the event atmosphere, use live entertainers to pass out drinks or provide stylish (and tasty) drink stations throughout the event.

Surprise them.

An event surprise is a welcome addition to any event, such as surprise entertainment (or a surprise during the entertainment) or a scrumptious menu item. Don’t hesitate to amaze guests with a surprise appropriate for their demographic or ask the professionals for recommendations for a surprise that everyone’ll remember.

Have a contingency plan.

Summer weather can be beautiful; it can also be unpredictable. Make a plan B an essential part of event planning. Have a back-up venue in case of severe weather and a date that covers those ‘just in case’ scenarios.

Make it interactive.

Interaction is a memorable part of every event. Seize the opportunity, such as using entertainers to serve refreshments or assist attendees with interactive activities. Take every step to ensure an all-encompassing sensory experience that is enjoyable for everyone.

Keep it clean.

Event attendees should enjoy a wonderful summer breeze, not the odor from a trash can. Take efforts to ensure the event venue is kept clean throughout the event or make appropriate arrangements with the venue (use this checklist to choose the right venue for the event).

Fun, fun, fun!

A summer event should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Don’t let attendees down; tackle the largest details (or contact the pros that can) and meet the small considerations. Your guests’ll appreciate the effort.

25+ Summer Festival Entertainment Ideas

LED EntertainersA summer Chicago festival is a much-anticipated event especially after a cold winter—or it should be, if you have the right draws that attract a crowd. From the moment your attendees are invited to the moment they leave, that anticipation should be the forefront of their thoughts as they look forward to the next treat or the next act. It’s all about creating the right atmosphere; and it can be, if you have the right combination of food, main stage and atmospheric entertainment.

At the center of every decision is the attendees; the demographic of guests should dictate the choice of venue, food, and entertainers (a professional entertainment agent can assist with the latter decisions). The right combination is the key; the perfect mixture of main stage and atmospheric entertainment can create an atmosphere that makes your guests enjoy this year’s festival—and ready for next year’s music festival.

children's entertainer


  1. Face painters
  2. Magicians
  3. Jugglers
  4. Comedians
  5. Children’s singers



  1. Jazz
  2. Dance
  3. Steel Drum
  4. Mariachi
  5. Reggae
  6. Country
  7. Motown
  8. Tribute Acts (i.e. Beatles, Frank Sinatra, etc.)
  9. Blues
  10. Latin

event entertainers Mardi Gras entertainers


  1. Glow-in-the-dark entertainers
  2. Barbershoppe Quartet
  3. Aerialists
  4. Carnivale characters
  5. Stiltwalkers
  6. Showgirls
  7. Gangsters
  8. Roaring 20’s entertainers
  9. Tarot and Psychic entertainer
  10. Mimes
  11. Caricature artists

Planning a Company Picnic: A Checklist to a Successful Event

entertainers for company picnicA company picnic can be an afternoon with the family enjoying great food and entertainment. An evening out with your significant other that makes your efforts at work feel appreciated. An afternoon off of work celebrating a year of reaching vital milestones. Your company picnic can be any of the above if you check off the boxes on your company picnic planning checklist.


An event without a goal is an event without direction. Your company picnic goal dictates many decisions: activities, entertainment, favors, etc. For example, if team building is the event goal, choose entertainment and activities that align with the goal. Before you start choosing the venue or décor, or start planning the menu, choose a goal as a foundation for your company picnic planning.

Guest List

A guest list gives you more than a number; it also gives a general demographic that steers event choices. Frankly, it’s a list with a lot of clout in the process. The number and demographic of guests plays a large role in choosing the venue and entertainment, and setting the menu. For a company picnic planned for employees and their families, choose a family-friendly venue that can fit all the guests and schedule activities for adults and kids.


Event planning is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Plan a budget that can get you to the finish line; allocate accordingly for large-budget items, such as the venue and food, and make sure there is enough included for big impact items, such as entertainment and favors.


If you have a choice of venue, use your goal and demographic to select a venue that draws a crowd. Choose a venue in a location that is convenient for your guests and fits the desired atmosphere of the company picnic. For a company picnic with a country fair theme, search for a venue with enough space for the right entertainers (contact us for quality, reliable themed entertainers for your picnic). If there are any specific event needs (i.e. handicap accessibility, staffing, A/V, kitchen), add those factors to the company picnic venue checklist.


vintage entertainer serving foodOnce you have all the major details confirmed (the who and where), now it’s time to book the main stage entertainment OR the entertainers that make the atmosphere. To find the right, reliable entertainers that fit with your company picnic atmosphere, contact a professional who can recommend and coordinate the right professionals perfect for an enjoyable event.


The right menu can reinforce a company picnic atmosphere. In the case of a country fair theme, food stations with cotton candy, popcorn, and other treats can be a big hit with picnic guests. Add entertainers who can serve the right company picnic menu and you’ve got a dynamic event atmosphere that guests’ll remember well after the end of the company picnic.