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Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas that Create a Holiday Buzz

These out-of-the-box corporate holiday party ideas can really shake up your company holiday party. If your holiday party has become stale, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and deliver a party with unique corporate holiday party ideas that create the office buzz.

Holiday party planning starts with a goal. What do you hope your guests get from the party? The goal should be specific enough to give the party a guest list (i.e. employees, employees plus family, etc.) and direction.

The next step is to choose a holiday party theme. A holiday party theme guides every decision and creates a cohesive atmosphere. For example, a jazzy holiday theme dictates the choice of venue, event time, menu, décor, and entertainment. This is a stark contrast to a Santa’s workshop theme in terms of décor, timing, and entertainers. (An entertainment professional can connect you to the right entertainers for any holiday party theme.)

From there, the event should start to take on a life of its own, especially when brainstorming ideas that fit with the theme. If you want to give this year’s festivities a new twist, add and promote these unique corporate holiday party ideas that pique your co-worker’s curiosity.

Memorable Photo Opps

Guests of all ages loves this unique holiday party keepsake. The theme and guest list dictate the perfect holiday character for the occasion. There are so many choices: Santa Claus, the Grinch, Toy Soldiers, Scrooge, the Gingerbread Man. For a large corporate party, hire a combination of characters so guests don’t have to wait to get their special shot.

Dinner and a Show

This company holiday party can be as intimate or as large-scale as the event allows. For a small gathering, invite staff members to one of Chicago’s wonderful theaters or movie theaters. For a larger event, bring the holiday show to employees (and their partners) together a wonderful gathering filled with spirit and networking.

Casino Night

A holiday casino is an adult party theme that promotes mingling and networking. This is an upscale holiday party theme that starts at the entrance with show girls, dealers, and entertainment around every table and station. For the full casino effect, end the night with main stage entertainment fitting of a casino show.

Throwback Holiday Touches

A traditional holiday is a party that takes guests back to another era. This could be an event with traditional family holiday details. A throwback holiday could be a nod to a specific milestone in corporate history and take guests back to the first years of the company or to another significant date.

Family Interactive Activities

This list of unique corporate holiday party ideas is aimed at parties with family guest lists. In addition to entertaining guests, these ideas also make great favors and photo opportunities. There are cookie making stations, balloon sculptures, face painting, gingerbread ornament stations, and other activities that kids’ll flock to. If the corporate holiday party has a large (and young) guest list, parents and children also enjoy magicians and jugglers who can customize their act to the holiday season.

Holiday at the Beach

A beach event is an unexpected holiday theme, but comes with unique corporate holiday party ideas that make it much-anticipated. Guests’ll appreciate the sounds of the steel drum band, the sea shell ornament favors, delectable beach-inspired menu, and cocktails that come with this unique party theme.

Around-the-world Buffet

If you want to leave the ugly holiday sweater theme behind, consider hosting an around-the-world holiday party. This corporate holiday party theme is the source of many ideas, including international games, entertainment, and dishes. In a large venue, guests’ll enjoy mingling from country to country enjoying unique tastes and sounds. In a smaller venue, those different tastes and sounds can be mingled into a diverse and coordinated affair.

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30 Corporate Holiday Party Themes

A corporate holiday party theme gives the event direction and provides the foundation for all those wonderful jolly details. It can also set an event apart, providing a predictable basis for an unpredictable twist.

A holiday theater theme can spur on a wonderful holiday event complete with a fantastic meal and a show. Everyone’s favorite holiday movie can provide all the details that combine into a completely different corporate holiday party. A holiday masquerade ball and white Christmas theme can combine into a truly one-of-a-kind formal affair.

These corporate holiday party themes are just the start of the event planning process: setting an event goal, choosing the right holiday party venue, narrowing down event details, and selecting the right corporate holiday party entertainment, menu, décor, and invitations. Of course, all of those corporate holiday party planning steps are a lot easier with a theme to give direction.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes

  1. Traditional Christmas
  2. Holiday Theater
  3. A Christmas Story Movie
  4. Holiday Masquerade Ball
  5. Beach Holiday
  6. Around-the-World Holiday
  7. Disco Christmas
  8. Blue Christmas
  9. Winter Wonderland
  10. Give-back Holiday Theme (for a Charity)
  11. Santa’s Workshop
  12. Holiday Luau
  13. Home Alone Holiday
  14. Candy Land Christmas
  15. Desert Christmas
  16. Magical Holiday
  17. Grinch Christmas
  18. Holiday Diner (50s retro theme)
  19. Country Christmas
  20. Jazzy Holiday
  21. Carnivale Holiday
  22. Red Carpet/Hollywood Holiday
  23. Caribbean Holiday
  24. Ugly Sweater Christmas
  25. Downtown Holiday
  26. Holiday Lights
  27. Swingin’ Holiday
  28. Rockin’ Christmas
  29. Holiday Future
  30. Comedy Christmas

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10 Jolly Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas Guests Love

The popular saying is that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It can be IF you entertain guests with these corporate Christmas party ideas.

Any of these corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas fit with popular holiday themes or can be a holiday mainstage act. Best yet, these acts are perfect for almost any party guest list (to get the best entertainer, contact the pros for the right holiday act).


This mainstage Christmas party entertainer can be the source of endless laughs and conversation during and after a corporate holiday event. Best yet, high-quality acts can adapt their act to include jolly holiday jokes and details specific to the event and audience.

Holiday Show

This heartwarming and wonderful corporate holiday party idea delivers more than a projection screen ever could—and fits perfectly into a small workplace party or large corporate gathering. For a smaller group, this corporate Christmas party idea can include an afternoon out at a local theater. For a larger audience, the show can be brought into the party—and be a wonderful part of an event with décor and delicious holiday dishes.

Trivia Hour

A trivia hour is an interactive corporate Christmas party entertainment idea that bonds guests and keeps them on their toes. For a smaller gathering, this trivia hour can be conducted on a projection screen or via table cards. A larger corporate Christmas party can include a trivia show as entertaining as any television game show.

Holiday Characters

There are two perks of adding holiday characters to a list of Christmas party entertainers. The list of holiday characters is long and varied, meaning that a holiday party entertainer can choose any number of characters that fit with the party theme (or trust an entertainment professional to select the right holiday characters). Secondly, holiday characters can do as much—or as little—to entertain guests. Holiday characters can circulate with the crowd, serve as photo opportunities, serve as the ultimate surprise, or put on a show that gets everyone in the holiday mood.

Caricature Artist

If Christmas party planners are looking for an entertainment idea with that comes with fun at the party and after, a caricature artist is the perfect fit. A caricature artist can make paintings of select guests or group pictures that fit the occasion. Guests can enjoy the merriment while the artist paints, and for days and years after as they look at the wonderful artwork.

Tropical Band

Midwest winters can get cold, which is why a tropical holiday party is a huge draw when the temperature drops. A tropical Christmas party isn’t complete without the tropical beat to liven up the atmosphere and set the mood. This entertainment idea also comes with a variety of tropical acts; the right act fits with the desired atmosphere and gives planners options for entertainment.

Dueling Pianos

Dueling pianos are a unique holiday party act that delivers a wonderful afternoon or evening show for any guest list. The best dueling pianos can customize their act to the season, giving guests a wonderful variety of their favorite holiday tunes.

Father Christmas & Elves

Father Christmas and a band of elves is an entertainer for guests of all ages. These entertainers are a popular entertainment idea for family corporate Christmas party or an adults-only affair. Elves can also be part of a tasting experience, serving holiday dishes, or assisting with holiday crafts (like decorating cookies!)


This traditional Christmas party entertainment idea is as unique as the occasion. A country band can be the perfect entertainer for a country-themed holiday party. A dance party with a long song list can deliver an act suitable for any guest list. A professional can connect planners with the perfect holiday band that fits the party and guests’ expectations.

human statue for Halloween events

Top Halloween Event Entertainment Ideas

Halloween events scream for over-the-top entertainment. After all, everything about Halloween is frighteningly strong—including the entertainment ideas! This list of Halloween event ideas meets guests’ expectations for a spooky—or frighteningly fun—event.

When setting these ideas into stone, event planners should proceed with one note of caution (or an entertainment agent who can connect them with the best Halloween entertainers). Only the highest-quality entertainers can pull off these Halloween entertainment ideas. Lower-quality entertainers can leave guests waiting for the scare, instead of experiencing it. 

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery can be just the ticket for a semi-formal or formal affair. The best murder mysteries offer intrigue and an all-encompassing experience. This atmosphere can be enhanced with the right entrance, such as a spooky venue, scary décor, or human statues.

Mentalist Show

Mind-reading and hypnotism can make anyone’s hair stand on end—perfect for the Halloween season. A mentalist is the ideal main-stage entertainment for a Halloween event, especially a high-quality entertainer that can adapt their act to the occasion.

Family Halloween Festival

For a slightly less spooky occasion, Halloween event planners should consider family entertainment. At the top of the list should be top-notch face painters, which can leave the youngest and most-experienced guests satisfied and taking selfies. Face painters can be an incredibly popular draw at any fall festival or family event.

Halloween Ball

It’s hard to find anyone that wouldn’t enjoy a Halloween ball. The best part of this Halloween event is the options that come with this entertainment idea. There are so many top Chicago bands that can adapt their play list specific to the type of occasion, making the event the topic of conversation well after the Halloween event is over.

Fortune Teller

A quirky event deserves out-of-the-box entertainment ideas. A fortune teller definitely fits the bill, leading to a line of guests waiting to hear their fortune. This Halloween event idea is the perfect way to greet guests and give the taste of what’s to come or to include in a entertainment line-up as creative as the entertainer.

Haunted House Entertainers

Of course, nothing can match the effect of Haunted House entertainers. These extreme characters work perfectly in a haunted house, a specialized night at a fall festival, or in a haunted barn where people are ready to scream.

10 Chicago Musicians Perfect for Any Event

Chicago is famous for its musical talent and awesome performances! The Windy City is full of Chicago musicians that deliver famed performances that put any event over the top. We can attest to this; we’re connected to performers who are high-quality and incredibly reliable (just ask us-we’ll connect you and coordinate all the details). We’re honored to be privvy to Chicago musicians that can deliver almost any kind of music worthy of Chicago’s reputation.

Jazz and Chicago have gone hand in hand for decades. Modern jazz musicians can deliver a sound that takes guests back to the Roaring 20s while satisfying the needs of the most modern audience.

Latin music is a broad term with a lot of sounds. An entertainment agent can connect event planners with the Chicago musicians who produce the right sound that matches with the event atmosphere.

Chicago musicans with a tropical sound can liven up any event. In the winter, tropical bands can transport guests to an area south of the border. Tropical bands are the perfect match for an all-encompassing beach theme or an island party.

Orchestras are a formal touch suitable for a wedding or an upscale corporate event. Perhaps best yet, orchestras can be downscaled or upscaled to suit the size of the event. Orchestras can serve as wonderful background music or as a mainstage act.

R&B bands and musicians are the answer to any event that deserves the ultimate dance bands. These musicians are incredibly versatile with the ability to customize their act for any event. What’s more, these Chicago musicians can read and adapt their act to keep guests on the dance floor.

Blues musicians deliver a soulful performance with a high-energy vibe. The best blues musicians can offer a small act suitable for intimate performances and a large band perfect for a large festival or concert.

Every reggae band has a one-of-a-kind sound that comes from their unique blend of reggae, calypso, soul, and other alluring sounds. These Chicago musicians deliver a sound that some describe as “tropical” and everyone describes as “hot.”

Classical musicians are an upscale addition to any event. These acts deliver a sound that captivates an audience on-stage or with background music that contributes to a formal atmosphere.

A swing band adds energy and a unique sound to any event. These Chicago musicians deliver a dynamic performance that keeps a crowd on its feet—and on the dance floor. Many of these groups are capable of sounds that take guests back to another time, perfect for throwback-themed wedding or corporate event.

An accoustic sound is as unique as the Chicago musician. Every accoustic group or artist delivers a different sound, which is why it’s often easier to use a professional to find the artist that fits with the event atmosphere.

Best Chicago Bands Perfect for Your Event

The right band is the highlight of an event, tying event details together and leaving guests talking well after the end of the event. Fortunately for everyone (and anyone) in Chicagoland, the Chicago area is full of quality musicians and bands perfect for any atmosphere and event theme.

The best part of this list is that these bands are just the start—of an endless list of fantastic Chicago bands AND of an event planning process that results in a great event with outstanding tunes.


Energizing audiences around the globe with their universal crowd appeal, BBI is unparalleled by any other regional band.

BBI possess an ebullient live spirit that cuts across ages, races and backgrounds. It’s not just the accolades of great songs, an unforgettable stage show and being well dressed that have elevated BBI to superior status. BBI connects with their audience in the most fundamental way: inspiring people to have a good time!

Banjos Buddies

Our Banjo Band, based in the Chicagoland area & is one of the most unique and exciting musicial attractions around today! They are not just a band, but a very visual, personable, top entertaining group of musicians who play to please their audiences. The Banjo buddies will provide you with rip-roaring Dixieland, music and fun from the Roaring Twenties, the Swing era, your favorite Big Band tunes, sing-a-longs and much more.

Christopher’s Project

Since its inception, this group has put together quite an impressive resume. The group has opened for national and legendary acts as diverse as the Temptations, George Benson, David Sanborn, The Supremes and Jennifer Holiday. They have also performed at corporate functions for notable Corporations such as Northwestern Mutual, Johnson Wax, Quad Graphics and Time Warner. They have also performed at The Grand Opening Ceremony for The Midwest Express Convention Center and at the political galas for The Governors National Conference and The Mayoral Candidacy Party.

The group also performs for festivals, special events, weddings and private parties. They are repeat performers at some of Milwaukee’s annual festivals, Riversplash, Summerfest, Rainbow Summer and Bastille Days to name a few.

For a lighter side of music Christopher’s Quartet would be the perfect entertainment selection. The Quartet is a smooth, melodic infusion of Jazz delivered by four soulful musicians. The Quartet is comprised of keyboards, drums, bass and saxophone.

Big O Blues Band

Big O has been performing blues and soul from Florida to Nevada. He has played the Wisconsin State Fair, Summerfest, various benefits and clubs, and the band has been voted the 2006 & 2007 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Blues Group of the Year.

Big O is one of the greatest Blues and R&B singers. His expertise at the keyboard comes from playing since he was a teen. The band has been referred to as “the epitome of blues”.

Big O received national attention with his two-song CD titled “A Mother’s Salute”. It is currently being used as a fundraiser for better communication systems between our military in Iraq and their families.

Big O is guaranteed to please. He has fun at what he does and he’s proud of his fans. His love of performing shows in his music and appearance. He plays a wide variety of music to keep you singing and dancing and always wanting more.

Dennis Keith Band

The finest top-tier performers have over 20 years experience cranking out incredible high-energy shows, packing the dance floor, and making all elements of your party easy. The Dennis Keith Band has been described as versatile, elegant, and fun. This small but mighty party band can adapt their original sound to any occasion while still performing those favorites that keep the dance floor full.

Eddie Butts Band

The Eddie Butts Band delights audiences at festivals, concerts, night clubs, weddings, and many other corporate and private entertainment events throughout the Midwest, delivering an exciting blend of R&B, pop, jazz, and more.  Eddie is well known as a premier vocalist, and when you combine his smoky baritone with the highly-praised musicianship and vocal talents of this polished and professional band, it is easy to see why the Eddie Butts Band is considered a must-see — and must have — favorite.

Eddie Harrison Orchestra

“Hey Everybody, Let’s Have Some Fun” That quote from the song “Let the Good Times Roll” is the Eddie Harrison Jump Stars Orchestra motto for every performance whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate event, charity fund raiser or summer festival. From the boogie woogie piano and wailing sax of the past through the recent great dance favorites…”everybody has some fun”.

Whether you need the small band or the orchestra, it’s a ‘big time’ for everybody. Eddie and the musicians in his band have played throughout the U.S. and Europe for festivals, clubs, cruise ships and private events. Eddie and his musicians have accompanied some of the world’s finest musical artists including Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles. Eddie is a member of the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau and the Association of Professional Orchestra Leaders.

Based in Chicago the band has performed live music for 17 years at wedding receptions, corporate events, charity fund raisers, conventions, festivals and night clubs. The band can provide music for dancing, dinner, cocktail parties, ceremony and concerts.

Endless Summer Band

With unmatched musical variety—smash hits from the 1940s through the 2000s—Endless Summer Band has a huge song list that ensures the dance floor stays full all night. They will take requests!

Endless Summer Band takes great pride in their reputation as one of the finest vocal groups in the business. Four lead vocalists provide much greater musical diversity! ESB’s instrumental ensemble knows how to reproduce the exact original arrangements and—more importantly—they perform with as much energy and feeling as the original artists. As an option, ESB will add as many horn players as you would like, and/or bring along The ESB Dancers!

ESB takes only minimal intermission time, (15 minute breaks) throughout the evening, so their DJ keeps the party jumpin’ with an entire evening of nonstop music!

Endless Summer Band specializes in event entertainment, performing at over 160 special events every year. Most of their engagements are word of mouth referrals from other delighted clients, and no other band is asked back for more return engagements. Now in their 12th year of business, ESB treats every event like the most important event ever, and they treat every client with the utmost courtesy and respect.


Feel the pulsating beat of red-hot reggae music, and taste the tantalizing flavors of calypso, ska, soca, French cadass and much much more with Milwaukee’s Kojo!

Kojo has been bringing da real riddim of the Caribbean to Milwaukee for years, and has maintained a level of excellence that is unmatched by any other reggae band in Wisconsin. Kojo has won six WAMI awards and has been nominated well over ten times. With members fresh out of the warm clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, and hard-hitting reggae beats, you can feel warm sand under your feet, a gentle island breeze on your cheek, and rastaman vibrations. The sweat trickling down your spine won’t be from the warm Wisconsin winters, it’ll be from you dancing till the cows come home. So if you want to have a skankin’ good time, without a skankin’ big price, come and join Kojo because WE JAMMIN!

Late Night Band

Late Nite Band is truly a party looking for a place to play. That’s how a thank you letter from a recent client described this highly energetic ten-piece dance band.

The group features a rhythm section of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums; a three-piece horn section with trumpet, alto sax and tenor sax, and three dynamic singers (male and female). These outstanding musicians perform an uncompromising variety of dance hits from Motown, rhythm & blues, retro, disco, funk, rock & roll, contemporary pop ballads, Big Band and jump swing, all guaranteed to turn any ordinary party or club engagement into an unforgettable event.

Produced by David Farley and Grant Cramer of Orchestra Thirty Three Entertainment, Inc., the Late Nite Band features the extraordinary talents of musicians and singers that earned accolades from Chicago’s top critics performing for standing-room-only crowds in the critically acclaimed Rupert’s 33 Club in suburban Chicago during the late 1980s.

In 1989, the Late Nite Band followed the rest of it’s musical family, The Orchestra 33, into the private party and night club scene to enjoy further success electrifying black-tie events, corporate parties and celebrations around Chicagoland and tri-state areas.

Whenever there is need for highly trained professionals, fully qualified to rock, wail and incite frenzied activity among even the most timid of patrons, the Late Nite Band will keep your guests on the dance floor until the closing lights come up.

Mambo All-Stars

The Mambo All-Stars is an energetic dynamic band which plays salsa, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha, and boleros, a complete variety of all the Latin dance rhythyms.

The band performs at various public venues such as Summerdance at Grant Park, the Adler Planetarium, the Taste of Chicago, and many corporate events. They have also been featured at the Shark Ball Benefit at the Shedd Aquarium, and the Rita Hayworth Alzheimers Benefit at the Field Museum.

Their material is from both classic and modern Latino artists such as Tito Puente Olga Tanion’, Celia Cruz, Ray Barreto, Sonora Poncena, India, Cubanisimo, and Perez Prado.

Jose` Valdes, leader of the group, has worked with such greats as Jose Fajardo, Tito Puente, and Eddie Palmieri. The artistry is exciting with driving montuno rhythms and a fiery percussion section which always gets everyone dancing.

Pamela Rose and Windy City Country

Pamela Rose and Windy City Country brings a fresh and energetic flavor into the live music scene. This terrific group is consists of five “smokin” musicians and singers that bring a variety of local and national acclaim to the stage.

Their unique style re-creates many of the classics as well as the contemporary country and rock and roll hits that so many enjoy today. The members of Windy City Country are all full-time musicians with loads of energy and talent who love country music – and it really shows! When Pamela put the group together she asked some of the strongest and busiest musicians in Chicago to be on her team.

Their repertoire is versatile and covers a wide musical spectrum of country and rock covers, as well as original songs for entertainment at corporate events, clubs, special events and festivals. Pamela Rose’s strong reputation in corporate and family entertainment comes from understanding audiences and clients. She understands what clients are looking for when it comes to great live music and how to present it. Pamela Rose and Windy City Country was designed specifically to reach contemporary country music fans around the USA – from casual to corporate.

Petra and the Recession 7 Band

Petra van Nuis (pronounced Pay-tra van Nouse) is a Chicago-based jazz vocalist who has been described in Downbeat Magazine as having “a light, gorgeous, and fairly delicate voice…a gift for melody and plenty of rhythmic confidence.”

A Chicagoan since 2003, Petra sings at all the finest jazz venues in town including the Jazz Showcase, the Green Mill, Katerina’s, Andy’s Jazz Club, Fitzgerald’s, the City Winery, and the Old Town School of Folk Music. Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs has presented Petra’s groups at the Chicago Cultural Center and Chicago Summer Dance. The Jazz Institute of Chicago has featured Petra’s Recession Seven band at the Chicago Jazz Festival and Jazz City. Along with six other Chicago jazz artists, she was nominated for the “Best Jazz Entertainer 2013” for the 33rd Annual Chicago Music Awards.

Germany’s Jazzpodium Magazine hails Petra’s sixteen year musical collaboration with her husband, guitarist Andy Brown, as “a magical musical dialogue, which can only partially be described as blind understanding.”

Rick Lindy and the Wild Ones

Rick Lindy has a voice as big as Texas… Dave Eliot plays tasty, prolific guitar licks, Eric T Stoliker has the ‘magic touch’ on the upright bass and Joe Smith never misses a beat on the drums. This line up offers high energy that captivates audiences of all ages.

Performing Rock and Roll hits of the 1950’s, 60’s as well as Surf, Rock-a-billy, and original songs.

Roots Rock Society

Roots Rock Society, founded in December of 1986, strongly believes in keeping their heritage and culture alive with their energetic live show and innovative blend of reggae, calypso, soul, zouk and other rhythms of the African Diaspora.

RRS with the CBS News Crew Hailed as Chicago legends by Tribune’s Metromix TV and Chicago’s Premier Reggae Band by WGN Morning News with their one of a kind sound, sometimes being described as tropical soul or “root soul.”

In 2003 with the release of their award-winning CD Riddim to Riddim, RRS reached one million viewers and listeners with television and radio performances, matched with articles and ads in newspapers and magazines. Critics have labeled RRS Nation’s Best.

What makes RRS stand out are their live performances as well as their original recorded material. Timeless tracks, smooth vocals, vibrant instrumentals matched with exotic rhythms and delightful lyrics performed in English with Spanish and French accents. It is a fine mixture of quality and care with a healing effect leaving you wanting more. Their 1997 CD Again reached over 200 radio stations worldwide. Play lists and letters were coming in from the US and places as far away as France, Africa, New Guinea, Germany, Poland, Spain and Ireland.

Hoyle Brothers

The Hoyle Brothers’ brand of genuine country music draws from the genre’s deepest traditions–lyrics that speak universal truths, melody lines that melt your heart and two-step rhythms that scoot your boots.

Since the start of weekly residencies at Chicago’s The Hideout and The Empty Bottle in 2002, The Hoyle Brothers have earned respect and recognition from a growing number of fans and music critics in Chicago and beyond for the band’s purity of purpose and first-rate musicianship. With a classic, five-piece line-up, The Hoyle Brothers help create a dance- and fun-friendly, country-style atmosphere to any event.

The Mix

Every Party band says they are the best, but seriously… with talent, versatility, high-energy stage presence and the ability to cover 9 decades of music, The Mix really is. Ok, at least we think so!

THE MIX accurately recreates everything from old classics to the current chart hits. Seamless song transitions keep the dance floor filled all night long. Looking for a particular theme, style or era for your event or venue? The Mix has it covered. Every style, authentic.

The Moods

Award-winning recording and performing artists since 1995, entertaining across the country and abroad, The Moods are a singing group consisting of three guys dedicated to the fine art of harmony and choreography. They’re known for their vocal stylings, but are equally accomplished in theater and on the big screen. They have collectively written songs, performed and arranged background vocals for other artists and television and radio commercials.

They have performed with and opened for such major talents as The Temptations, The Spinners, Mary Wells, Bernie Mac, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Stylistics, The Impressions, The Chi-Lites, and the list goes on and on. We would love to work with you to personalize your special event and make it a Vocal Experience Never Forgotten.

The Wave Runners

Having a Rock & Roll beach party? The Wave Runners feature music from Jimmy Buffett, The Beach Boys, The Safaris, The Ventures, Harry Belafonte and More! They will entertain your audience with Acapella Vocals, a Flaming Drum Stick Show and Audience Participation.


In essence, the ultimate Island party. But much more than the standard Steel Drum band, they play an amazing variety of music as well ? not only your tropical favorites, but many reggae classics and pop/rock party songs re-arranged to feel like the Islands. New hits, classic rockers, and many other surprises, all performed with an exotic twist!

TROPIXPLOSION most frequently performs as a 6 or 7-pc band, but can provide groups of any size, from a solo performer with backing tracks, on up to their full 9-piece extravaganza with professional lighting and special effects! TROPIXPLOSION is the ideal music solution for ANY size venue, city concert, or event looking to create an exciting summer party any time of year!

Twist and Shout

Actor, singer, and recording artist, Tony Kishman doubles as featured performer & producer of TWIST AND SHOUT.

Tony starred for six years in both the national and international tours of Broadway’s smash hit, Beatlemania.

Kishman is regarded by “Beatlemaniacs” as the world’s best McCartney look-alike/sound-alike. He has been performing his award winning tribute to the most successful band of all time around the globe for more than a decade, bringing the music and the magic of the Beatles to a new generation.

(Very) Best Entertainment for Parties

vintage entertainer serving foodAwesome entertainment for parties is the icing on top of an already delicious cake. The right party entertainers make kids giggle, draws a crowd to the dance floor, and is the topic of discussion for days to come. It’s up to you to choose the right entertainment that makes all that happen!

Choosing Party Entertainment

The right party entertainment fits with all the other elements of the event. Party entertainment can be one entertainer or a combination of games and entertainment that fits the target guest demographic and desired event atmosphere.

The easiest way to choose from all of the party entertainment ideas is to select a theme. This narrows down the options for party décor, menu items, and entertainment. A vintage theme includes the right era décor, menu, music, and entertainers that look like they stepped out of a time machine (perfect for a throwback birthday party!) A nautical party is the perfect way to honor a boating enthusiast and surprise him or her with one-of-a-kind entertainers that guests want to take selfies with. A country picnic theme comes alive with the right yard games, food servers, and musical entertainers.

Once you have chosen the right entertainment, it’s time to secure, produce, and hire the right entertainment. If you are handling booking the party entertainment on your own, always research entertainers and companies and review the entertainer’s and rental company contract closely for fine print. (The other option is to contact an entertainment agent who can choose and coordinate every detail of the party entertainment.)

Adult Party Entertainment Ideas


  1. Dance Band
  2. Mariachi Band
  3. Jazz Band
  4. Steel Drum Band
  5. Vintage Band (with playlist of songs from desired throwback period)
  6. Barbershoppe Quartet
  7. Comedians
  8. Hypnotists and Mentalists


  1. Showgirls
  2. Carnivale Entertainers
  3. Dancers
  4. Dance Instructors
  5. Movie Characters (i.e. James Bond, Crown of Thrones, Blues Brothers, etc.)
  6. Atmospheric Characters (i.e. Flappers, Themed Entertainers)
  7. Stiltwalkers
  8. LED Entertainers

grinch character for holiday parties


  1. Elves
  2. Father Christmas
  3. Movie Holiday Characters (like the Grinch)

Children’s Party Entertainment Ideas

child with holiday facepaint for corporate christmas holiday party

Children Entertainers

  1. Balloon Sculptures
  2. Magicians
  3. Face Painters
  4. Comedians
  5. Movie Characters (i.e. the Grinch, Gingerbread Man, etc.)
  6. Jugglers
  7. Fairies

Tropical Theme Event Ideas that Entertain and Inspire

Tropical themed bands can make your Hawaiian luau, beach party, and island party feel like a beach getaway—even when it doesn’t feel so tropical outside. Guests’ll love to soak in all the elements of a tropical themed event: tropical cocktails, beach décor, island cuisine—along with these tropical themed entertainers that transport guests to their favorite warm destination.

Reggae Bands

A tropical themed event isn’t complete without the sounds of the islands. The sounds of an authentic reggae band are the answer, adding the real sounds of a tropical getaway to a beach or island party.


Tropical dancers are a great way to add a visual element to a tropical-themed event. For a truly authentic feel, talk to a professional about dancers with an act that blends seamlessly with the desired event atmosphere.

dance group at adult-only company picnic


Dance Instructors

If a dance group fits your event style, take this unique tropical-themed act a step farther. When planning a tropical themed event, ask an entertainment agent about including a dance group that brings guests out on the dance floor. Guests love the performance and the interactive element of this wonderful tropical act.

Steel Drum Bands

Steel drum bands are a tropical sound perfect for a beach party. A real steel drum band can make guests ready for fun and sun on the sand. This beach party idea is the perfect addition to an event planned around beach décor and a menu reminiscent of a party on the water.

carnivale themed table lady

Colorful Servers

One of the hottest new event trends is to combine food service with entertainments. This tropical themed entertainer does just that—and with many different options that fit perfectly with the theme. A tropical themed entertainer can be part of table service or be an entertaining way for guests to enjoy a tropical cocktail.

Latin Music

One of the most fantastic parts of planning a beach party or tropical event is the uniqueness of every event. This theme lends itself to several different interpretations, and one of the best ways to express that flavor is to hire an entertainer with a Latin feel.

30+ Amazing Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

aerialists at corporate eventYour customers and employees expect more from your corporate event entertainment. These incredible entertainment ideas meet—and surpass—those high expectations. Best yet, this list is just the start of an endless list of possible event entertainers that can take any corporate event to the next level.

While guests appreciate creative corporate event entertainment ideas, the best way to impress guests is to choose the right event entertainer. The best entertainer fits the event and guest demographic (and may take a professional to find).

Theme Entertainment

Crown of Thrones Entertainment

throne from corporate event

Movie Characters


Jockey (Perfect for Kentucky Derby Theme and photo opps)

derby entertainer at corporate event

Ship Captains (and other nautical-themed entertainers)

entertainers at nautical themed corporate event

Diner Entertainers

1950s entertainers at corporate event theme

Game Show

game show for corporate events

Gangsters and Flappers

gangster and flappers at chicago corporate event

Brazilian Dance Troupe

dance group at adult-only company picnic

Main Stage Entertainment

Performance Art

Jazz Band



Country Band

R&B Band

Dueling Pianos

Steel Drum Band

Atmosphere Entertainers

Mariachi Band

marchiachi band for cinco de mayo

Champagne Girl (mixing food service and entertainment)

mardi gras entertainer with pink and purple dress and drink servers on the skirt

Aerial Entertainers

aerialist at event hanging from ceiling

Carnivale Server

carnivale themed table lady

Celebrity Impersonators

celebrity impersonators at corporate event

LED Entertainers

glow in the dark performer

Barbershoppe Quartet

barbershop quartet

Holiday Entertainment

Toy Soldier

toy soldier at holiday event

Father Winter

Father Christmas entertainer for office holiday parties


troop of elves and holiday entertainers for holiday parties

Holiday Show

office holiday party entertainers


holiday party carolers in chicago IL


grinch character for holiday parties

Family Entertainment

Face Painters

child with holiday facepaint for corporate christmas holiday party

Balloon Sculptors

balloon sculptures at grand opening chicago il



juggler for corporate events

Best Kids Birthday Party Entertainers (that All the Kids Want!)

child with face paint at birthday partyThe best kids birthday party entertainers near you check off many boxes. The most important box (of course) is finding a children’s entertainer that they love! From a practical perspective, the right birthday party entertainment also fits with the party theme and budget. This list of kids birthday party entertainment checks off all those boxes, plus is easy to hire!

Face Painters

Children’s face painters are the start of many wonderful birthday party photos! A professional face painter can make the experience even more fun because of the variety of designs they can master. (Just imagine the possibilities!)


Fairies are the perfect addition to a whimsical garden birthday party! For a more magical effect, ask guests to dress as their favorite fairy. After a full day of fairy tale fun, take a group photo for a delightful childhood memory.


balloon sculptures at grand opening chicago ilThis classic kids birthday party entertainer is the source of many memories and smiles. The best jugglers offer a fun and modern act that still includes classic elements that takes adults back to their childhood.


A birthday party magician is the source of many gasps and giggles. The best children’s magician can even customize their act to the theme—and to the delight of their small audience!

Balloon Sculptors

This kids birthday party entertainment comes with two perks: 1) kids love to watch them sculpt their favorite animals and shapes, and 2) guests can take them home. The best balloon sculptors can even make colorful hats that kids love to wear (in photos and on the way home!)


A musician is the perfect complement to the littlest musician’s birthday party. There are also so many children’s musicians to choose from! To select the best children’s musician, contact an entertainment agent that can select the best children’s entertainer that is reliable and perfect for the party theme.


The list of children’s character are long and varied (and every child has a different favorite!) Find your child’s favorite in the Chicago area, and then decide whether to tell the birthday kid or be the source of a major surprise (with a photographer on hand for the ultimate birthday party photo)!